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Creating A Home For The Man And Woman Cave

Creating A Home For The Man And Woman Cave

(image credits of woman caves are from Sebring Design and Build)

In pop culture there’s that phrase or term ‘man cave’, but what does it actually mean and why is it so important? Think about the word cave, and you see glimpses of Batman and his deep chasm in the mountains. The darkness engulfs everything, and you can hardly see any signs of life.

Psychologically it’s healthy and refreshing to have your own little corner in the world where it’s just you and nobody else. So why has this term been given to men when women do the exact same thing?

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”  Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Women and men need their own spaces

Women like to have their own corner in the home, where they can put their makeup on, rub facial solutions on their face, and generally just be girly. Doesn’t matter what gender you are, you wouldn’t want your partner to invade your space now, would you?

When it comes to the ultimate home, it should have space for both a woman and man cave. The only trouble is, where should it be and to what extent should you make it so? How large it should be and what it will consist of can keep changing, but the point is, you must carve out a space for yourselves.

Whimsical woman cave

So what could possibly be conceived as a woman cave? Well in terms of popular culture, we don’t really hear about it a lot; yet it’s existed for just as long as a man cave has. In truth, we must reconcile the fact that the two have different purposes. A man cave is traditionally loud and boisterous. A woman cave is pretty much a place to get away from the opposite sex, so it’s in tune with it’s contemporary there. Essentially decor and atmosphere matters. You want to walk into your cave and be at peace. Just like the men, it’s really meant for a gathering place for your friends and yourself to relax and wind down. What do women like to do when they get together? Talk of course!

Woman's Sanctuary by Orange Coast Interior Design
Woman’s Sanctuary by Orange Coast Interior Design

Consider changing the style of an entire room. Make sure it’s not one of the main rooms so perhaps the basement, spare room, or attic could do. Normally it’s the spare room that you would choose as it’s one of the three bedrooms you get in a modern family home. You are now going to require an assertive nature and grasp of the kind of decor you want. Think about soft colours like baby blue, tulip pink, renaissance green, a sandy beige tone etc. Pick individual sofas as well as a two-seater. Make sure they’re not too elegant as you want to put your feet up and curl up. The rug that’s soft to the soles of your feet laying in the middle bridges the gap for the ends of the room and makes a comfortable place to lie down if there’s a number of you.

Pick a theme

The Wine Cave – Smith Firestone Associates
The Wine Cave – Smith Firestone Associates

Most importantly, you should pick a theme! What kind of period is it going to be, what will the overall nature of the vibe be? The color scheme isn’t nearly as important as the physical comfort so don’t be bowled over by leather and silk, stick to chic fabrics like cotton and wool. One of the centrepieces should be a table as there will be a lot of drinking going on and you need an oasis in the middle of the melee for everyone to rely upon.

Modern man cave

Girls have their own night out or night in. Chatting, laughing and drinking with best friends will make the time fly by. How does having a night in with the boys translate into man’s world? Well with the best home entertainment of course!

The advanced home team will first begin to plan out how the advanced Control4 system will be incorporated into the room you’ve chosen. A home theatre and media room is not quite the same as a cinema feature. The fundamental difference is that the cinema works as intended to give you a viewer or audience member perspective. But since you’re at home with the boys, you should be experiencing through the eyes of the director.

Directors watch their cut version of the film via a small collective inside a private theatre. It’s cosy and smaller than a large big screen cinema room. Thus this is the kind of popular choice for those who don’t have perhaps the largest rooms in their home.

The sound will need to be tailored to the room specifics and be to specific settings. As generally the room will not be big, the sound needs to not overwhelm the audience and remain balanced at all times during films. The added bonus of a theatre and media room is that sure you can watch the latest blockbusters out there but you can hook up any video game you want.

The sounds of gunfire, explosions, gusting winds and colossal giant footsteps come out in superb quality as the company will work to get the most out of the acoustic performance from the speakers and room. Everything is controlled via the Control4 system as it’s a very modular technology.

Recline back in your chair and at the touch of a pad, lower the volume, increase the screen brightness and pretty much anything you want. The team will also do the wiring cautiously as they want to blend the wires into the structure of the room. No loose ends and exposed cables for you to trip over on in the middle of the dark and spill your refreshments. Go from Netflix to video games in just a few seconds; it’s the ultimate dream of the man cave.

Image by:
Image by: Weber Design Group

Give each other space to have “me time”  so that “together time” is precious

We all want our own space in the world. When you’re in a committed relationship, however, it can become a monotonous job to spend time with each other naturally. Therefore if you each take a corner of the home and create your own little spaces that the other has to respect, you’re not in each other hair all the time. Go wild with creativity and let your imagination rule you, this is your perfect chance to be yourself completely and utterly!



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