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Could New Zealand Really Suit A City Break?

Could New Zealand Really Suit A City Break?

When it comes to New Zealand, most of us think about stunning scenery and a nature lover’s haven. We imagine iconic sights like The Fiordland national park and the imposing Mount Cook. We imagine rolling fields and spectacular sunsets. Hence why, if you love city breaks and busy streets, New Zealand isn’t always an obvious vacation choice for you.

When you break it down, though, New Zealand is a pretty big place. And, as much as it can be a nature lovers paradise, it also has its fair share of sizeable cities hidden away. As such, there’s no reason you can’t visit here for time for time away in the city if that’s what takes your fancy.

Whatever you enjoy, New Zealand is a spectacular country you could enjoy seeing. As such, it’s worth doing some research and booking city accommodation here as soon as you can. And, to help you pick the right place, we’re going to look at three of the leading areas you might want to consider.


With a population of 1.5 million and high-rises to rival any cityscape, you may want to start in Auckland. This New Zealand city is home to iconic sites like the Sky Tower, the tallest human-made structure in the country. It’s also the most populous and therefore bustling city available. So, if you like your vacations full of people, this is the place for you. What’s more, Auckland is home to Tamaki, New Zealand’s largest inner-city regeneration project. As such, things only look set to improve for the area. As if that weren’t enough, there’s plenty to do here when the sun goes down, with regular night markets and bars like Mea Culpa. What more could you want from a city break?


Though Christchurch has a more modest population of 367,800, it’s still worth attention if you fancy a bit of peace and quiet in a city setting. While Auckland would suit those familiar with high rise buildings, Christchurch adds a touch of New Zealand beauty. On the New Zealand website, it states Christchurch ‘combines urban regeneration and innovation with heritage’, and they aren’t wrong. Here, you’ll find cutting-edge street art and architecture mixed with tradition. We’re talking double-decker buses and even trams. So, if you fancy a city trip which is a bit more quaint than what you have back home, this could be the ideal option for you.


With a population of 28,224 people, Queenstown is much smaller than these other cities. But, it’s still one of the most populated areas in New Zealand. And, its idyllic location makes this the perfect option for those who want snippets of magnificent scenery. Not only is this city on the shore of Wakatipu, but it’s also set against the Alps. As such, you’ll be able to head out to the iconic scenery in the day, and rest easy there are plenty of bars and restaurants waiting for your return. That’s what you call the best of both worlds.



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