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Contraception 101 For Young Women

modern contraception

One of the biggest responsibilities we have to deal with as we grow into young women is the idea of becoming sexually active and choosing the right contraception for us. Contraception is often up to the woman due the the hormones which are used in the process, and even though there are some male options out there, the women’s ones are of course much make effective. Here are all of the different contraceptive options you can choose from.

Male condoms

The first and most commonly used of all of the birth control options is the male condom. Male condoms are made of latex or rubber and can be filled with a spermicide which will kill any sperm which leaves the body. It forms a barrier when placed over the penis to stop any of the male ejaculate from entering the womb. On the whole they are fairly effective however sometimes the condom can split and this can cause a risk of pregnancy.

Female condoms

Think of the inverse version of a male condom: that’s what this is. These aren’t used as commonly and they are inserted into the vagina to act as a barrier to stop the sperm from entering the womb. Again, they are generally effective however it can be a little bit of a risk to use because the condom can split.


the IUD is an effective form of contracention if inserted and used correctly
the IUD is an effective form of contracention if inserted and used correctly

And IUD, commonly known as a coil, is a T shaped copper coil which is placed inside the womb and it stops the egg from entering and binding to the walls of the womb. It is a great option for many people and can be a wonderful choice for many people because it will last for up to five years and this means you don’t need to worry about your contraception every day.

Cervical caps or diaphragms

A diaphragm is a small disc which is placed at the top of the cervix just over the entrance to the womb. The whole idea behind this is that it will form a solid barrier against the sperm and it will be able to stop anything from entering the womb. The main issue with this is that it could move around during intercourse, however it is actually a pretty effective method which involves no hormones.


sea sponges are also useful if you want to have intercourse while menstruating
sea sponges are also useful if you want to have intercourse while menstruating

A sponge is a sponge which is filled with a spermicide and can be used for one time, just like a condom can be. This is a form of contraception you might not have heard of before, but it can actually be incredibly effective for you if you only want to take your birth control when you plan to have intercourse. The sponges placed in the cervix and can be worn for 30 hours, or until after intercourse. It will stop sperm entering the womb, soak up the liquid and also kill the sperm too.

Family planning

Family planning is the most natural way to make sure that you are able to stay yourself, and it simply involves you monitoring your menstrual cycle and timing your sexual exploits around this calendar. This is of course a risk and it is one of those things which you need to be aware of when you choose the option. However, it uses no invasive methods, no hormones and allows you to be completely as nature intended you to be. Make sure you get your doctor to talk you through this so that you fully understand what you are doing with it all.

Tubular occlusion

Tubular occlusion, or tubal ligation, is what you might more commonly know as female sterilisation. The method used here is a small surgical procedure which clamps the Fallopian tubes to stop eggs from being released into the womb full stop. This is a method which is final and of course a little extreme for some, however this is effective for older women who have already got kids and who don’t want any more, or for people who don’t want to have children for medical reasons. You can have this done and recover within just a week to be back to your fully functioning self.

The implant

The implant for contraception is a 40cm long plastic rod filled with hormones which is interred into the arm and stays there for 2-3 years. This is an invasive option and a hormonal option,however it is one of the most effective methods of contraception out there full stop. If you are looking to have a long term solution for a couple of years while you wait to be ready for a child, this can be a wonderful one for you to pick. You don’t have to remember a pill each day and you can simply enjoy the freedom of doing what you want.

The pill

the pill revolutionised the way women took control of their own fertility
the pill revolutionised the way women took control of their own fertility

The pill is one of the most commonly taken contraceptives of all and it is one which can suit almost every woman. There are types which you have to take each day, ones which you take for 3 weeks of the month, and ones which you only take when you are sexually active. These pills include hormones which will thin the womb lining to make it hard for an egg to take hold, and they are pretty much effective all of the time. If you are able to remember to take a pill each day, this can be the best possible choice for you.

An injection

The final method we want to mention is the contraceptive injection. If you hate needles this is not one for you because you have to go back every 3 months for a top up, and it is full of hormones which can of course cause some side effects. If you are going to be away for a long time or you are useless at remembering to take your pill, this can be an ideal replacement because you only need to make a new appointment every 3 months to top up the medicine.



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