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Cleaning Tips Without Chemicals

Cleaning Tips Without Chemicals

The deep clean feeling that your house has after you have spent all day cleaning is quite lovely. It is relaxing, everything’s in its place, and you know you don’t have to crack out the duster for the next few days at least. 

But if you want the deep clean, without the chemicals hanging around in the air or on your surfaces, here are a few tips that can help. 

  • Vinegar – put some in a spray bottle, and carry it with you around the house. 
  • Sock – and old one, maybe a few odd ones
  • Baking soda mixes – make ahead of time
  • Toothbrush – an old one that no one uses
  • Coffee pot – ready at all times

Baking Soda 

Smells great and fizzes off caked-on dirt. The kitchen sink is the best place to use this mixture, but it will work in plenty of spaces around the home. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar down the drain, then rub lemon around the sink. 

Time for the oven to get a scrubbin’. Mix 4 teaspoons of baking soda, 5 teaspoons of vinegar and a drop or two of dish soap in a bowl. Slather it all over the indie of the oven – and come back to this later. It will wipe off with a wet cloth. 

You can use the baking soda and vinegar on all of the drains in the house.

Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar, and pop your shower head into it. Tie it up and come back to wipe down the walls. 


Old socks or ones that don’t seem to have a partner anymore make great cleaning tools in place of clothes. It is quicker, a deeper dusting can be done by using a sock on things like your blinds. And you can also get right into the crevices too. 


Rather than spend a long time scrubbing with bigger sponges, just get straight into the small gaps with a toothbrush. They are great for cleaning taps, showers, and around the back of the toilet. 


Fill your sink with a power cleaning baking soda mix. Sort through the food and add what is off or out of date to a compost pile or the food waste. Put the shelves and draws into the sink, and set a time to flip them over in 20 minutes. 

In that 20 minutes use your toothbrush to get into the little gaps around the fridge. And if you notice things like rust, mould or anything that could indicate your fridge has seen better days – it is time to consider a replacement. Call Norstar to arrange a pickup.


Both these and the doors of your home will need to be cleaned. Fill a spray bottle with a cap of your favourite softener and the rest with water. Spray and wipe with your sock. They will smell great and be gleaming. 

Window Tracks

They can be caked in grime. But some of your magic baking soda mixes will fizz it off in no time at all. Sprinkle on the baking soda, spritz or pour on some vinegar and wipe away. 

So there you have some quick tips for cleaning your home without using chemicals.



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