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How to Clean Your Home in Less Than 40 Minutes

Washing the dishes

Wouldn’t it be great to clean your home quickly so you can spend your weekend having some quality time with your family and friends? Don’t you prefer spending your weekend having fun, doing some more productive activities or simply relaxing? Probably you do. However, ensuring that you clean your home is an important task. No one wants to live in a messy apartment, which is a perfect home for bacteria. Therefore, the cleaning must be done. However, no one says that you must spend the whole day doing it. Here you’ll find how to clean your house in less than 40 minutes.

Step 1: Time management

Time management chartThe most important thing when you want to clean the house fast, is your time management. When we’re talking about speed cleaning, it’s all about prioritizing and multitasking. So, the first thing you should do is plan. Draft a list of all the things which need to be cleaned around your house and create a schedule that fits your needs. Here are some successful cleaning schedules as an example.

Step 2: Before you start

Before you start, there are some things that can ease your work afterwards. One great suggestion here is to add a load of laundry to the washer before you’ve started cleaning. Thus, you will save time and get more done while the washing machine is doing its job. Another thing you can do is to pour a toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and let it sit while you’re cleaning other parts of the house. As well as that, you can load the sink with dirty dishes, pots and pans and let them soak while you’re cleaning.

Step 3: The most important thing to clean your home

ImportantWhen we’re talking about speed cleaning once or twice a week, we assume that you’re not going to get into deep cleaning details. So, the most important thing here is removing the dust, because it’s the main source of contamination in the house. Vacuum the whole house as fast as you can. This should take you about 10 minutes, if you’re not living in a mansion or castle.

Step 4: In the blink of an eye

Bathrooms are one of the hardest places to clean. I bet you’ve never imagined that you can clean them in the blink of an eye. However, after you used the little trick of pouring some toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet beforehand, now there’s just a little left to do. You only need to clean and disinfect the sinks and tubs and to spray and wipe the mirrors with glass cleaner. The sink and tub can be easily scrubbed with a baking soda paste and then wiped with some hydrogen peroxide – it will take care of soap scum in seconds. Toothpaste is great for cleaning the taps and the shower head, it will take care of the water stains quickly. This will take you around 10 minutes.

Step 5: Sparkling in no time

Sand watchWhen talking about hard to clean places, we should mention the kitchen. However, you can make it sparkle in no time.  After you’ve soaked the dishes now is time to wash them. If you’re not a family of 12 people, this should take you about 5 minutes. After that use a kitchen detergent or multi-surface wipes to clean the countertops, stovetop, the oven door on the outside and the other kitchen appliances. That’s another 5 minutes.

Step 6: Fast and furious

There are only 2 rooms left – the bedroom and the living room. By now you should have a little less than 10 minutes left, so you need to be fast and furious. You can do this! First, make your bed. This will immediately brighten up the look of the bedroom. Put everything back in its place and open the windows for a few minutes to let the fresh air do its job. Next, go to the living room. Fluff the pillows from the couch, eliminate pet hairs with a lint roller and tidy up the rest of the room.

Step 7: Finish line

If you have a few minutes left, grab the duster and make those minutes count! Finish by dusting as much of the surfaces in your home as possible. Thus, you’ll complete the look of a clean house. And look at the time! You did it in less than 40 minutes. Now, sit back and relax. You’ve made it!

Author bio:

Jane Wilson is a mom, a blogger and the marketing and social manager of Fantastic Cleaners – Melbourne, a certified cleaning services company. Her job provides her with great insights on how to clean your home better and faster.




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