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Choosing The Right School For Your Child

choosing the right school for your child

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right school for your child. Here are just some of the biggest things to consider, whether you’re helping them to choose a kindergarten or a high school.

Consider your child’s needs

Certain children may have specific needs to fulfil. If your child has a disability, you may want to be certain that the school can cater to this disability. If your child is particularly gifted in a certain subject such as maths or art, you may want to look into a school that specializes in this area so that you can truly hone their passion for this subject. There are many specialist schools across the country for those that are determined for their child to receive a specific style of education.

Consider the location

Ideally, you don’t want your child to have to travel far to get to school (unless it’s a boarding school, in which case it may not matter so much). Some schools won’t accept students that aren’t living in a certain radius, so it could be vital to stay local. You may want to check for local bus routes and look into bus timetables.

Do your online research

It’s worth researching each school individually online. You may be able to find curriculum details online such as this kindergarten curriculum for parents that tell you more about what your kids will learn at that school. It’s worth also researching into the school’s reputation – you may be able to find information on grades and reviews from parents. All schools will have a website, where you may also be able to find information on events and school trips.

Attend open days when choosing the right school

Th best way to get a feel for a school is to visit it in person. Most schools host open days in which parents can take a look around with their kids. It’s worth visiting during school hours rather than attending an after-school open day, as this will allow you to see the teachers in action. Take the chance to ask questions to teachers and students alike. A few great questions to ask to teachers at an open day include:

  •         How long have you been at the school?
  •         How do you cater to children with learning difficulties?
  •         How do you cater to gifted children?
  •         What would you do if a child is being bullied?
  •         Would you send your child here?

Understand the entry requirements

Some schools may have certain entry requirements that need to be met. Certain prestigious high schools may require children to have good grades. In other cases, you may have to live within a certain radius (as mentioned earlier). Make sure that your child is likely to meet these requirements before you apply. Understanding the application process could also be important – private schools may have a different process to state schools. In the case of private schools, it could also be vital to check the fees.



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