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Cheers! Wine Regions You Need To Visit

Cheers! Wine Regions You Need To Visit

If you can’t decide what type of vacation you want for your next trip, you should consider visiting a wine region. These kinds of getaways are just as relaxing as escaping to a beach for a week, and there will just be as much to explore and discover as with any city break. So, no matter what type of vacations you are usually into, there will be something for you while visiting a wine region. Not only that, though, but there will also be plenty of wine to try as well!

Not sure which wine region to head to for your first trip? Here are some of the world’s best.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you want to visit a pretty wine region, then Stellenbosch is the place for you. This small town is situated right among some gorgeous mountains and thrilling scenery. You can wander down the tree-lined streets and take some really interesting wine tours around the local vineyards and wineries. You can also visit South Africa’s only biodynamic winery in the town too!

Cheers! Wine Regions You Need To Visit
Cheers! Wine Regions You Need To Visit

Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina’s Mendoza Wine Regions have some really unique wine-making conditions. It is very high up in a dry climate, but it benefits from being close to mountains and their melting snow. Because of these unique conditions, the region produces some delicious wine! If you want to escape the usual crowds of tourists, then stay away from Maipu which can get very busy. Instead, find a hotel in the quieter Tupungato area.

Hunter Wine Valley, Australia

One of Australia’s most famous wine regions, the Hunter Valley is in New South Wales. There are quite a few different areas to stay in, but checking the Hunter Valley Insider can help you narrow down your options. Thanks to its close proximity to Sydney (about a two-hour drive), you will be able to fit in exploring the wine region alongside some city explorations as well!

Burgundy, France

winery in burgundy
winery in burgundy

When you mention wine regions to anyone, they will probably instantly think about one of the many French ones. After all, France is very much into its wine! If you are spoiled for choice with French wine regions, it’s worth plumping for Burgundy. There are hundreds of small wineries scattered around the region, so you will have plenty of tipples to try while you are there!

Piedmont, Italy

Love food just as much as wine? Then Piedmont is the perfect destination as it is also known for its numerous Michelin-star restaurants. Not only that, though, but there are also some great health spas in the region as well. Great wine, great food, great opportunities for some deep relaxation. What could be better?! Don’t forget that there are also lots of hiking trails through the region as well so don’t forget your hiking boots!

So, do you think a trip to a wine country should be on the cards for your next vacation? If so, now is definitely the time to book a holiday!

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