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A Change of Scenery: Earn Money While Seeing The World!

A Change of Scenery: Earn Money While Seeing The World!

When you work full time, it really doesn’t leave that much time for much else. Once you’re finished for the day, chances are you get home and collapse on the sofa for a few hours, and generally waste time until you’re ready to go to bed, get up in the morning and do it all over again. We of course need to earn money to thrive and live comfortably, but it’s important that it’s not dominating our entire lives, to the point that it feels like we don’t do much else. If you’ve been feeling like this lately and are in a bit of a rut, why not shake things up? One incredible way to get a new lease on life while still being able to afford everything would be to work while you travel. It would give you the ‘get up and go’ you needed during your evenings and weekends as you’d have lots of new places to explore. And as you’d be working, you wouldn’t need to worry about gaps in your employment history or having to save for years to be able to afford it. But what kind of jobs would suit this?


If you have a particular skill, why not utilise it to earn some money? Writing, design, website creation and much more can all be done from a computer, anywhere in the world. You could begin by working part time, spend some time building up your client base until you have regular jobs coming in that allow you to earn enough to be self sufficient. From there you can take your work anywhere with you, as long as you’re meeting client deadlines you get to structure your days as you wish. There are always freelancing sites where you can pick up additional work to fill in the gaps, or you can work solely from these if needed. Either way, it’s a great choice as all you’d need is your laptop and an internet connection and you can work anywhere in the world. Just be sure to go with a reliable device and protect it well with a decent laptop bag. If you experience any problems, you of course have the option to call a mobile computer repair company in the country you’re in. With it being such an important part of your work, it makes sense to have a plan if things go wrong.

Blog or Youtube

It takes time, hard work and some luck to become a successful blogger or Youtuber. Not everyone gets to the point where they’re earning enough for it to be a full time job. However if you’re already there, or at least earning some money from your blog or videos then this could be an option while you travel. Perhaps you could combine it with some freelancing, or get a part time job when you’re at the destination you will be living at? A laptop and a camera or filming equipment is all you’ll need in most cases again making it a very portable career and something you can do anywhere. Plus, being somewhere new in the world could give you lots of ideas and inspiration for new and exciting content!

Travel With Your Job

Often companies branch out and set up new offices in other parts of the world. If your company gives you the opportunity to do this, why not go for it? Otherwise, if you have a good career such as a teacher or nurse, this will allow you to apply to work in lots of places in the world. Whether it’s for a year, five years or permanently, it could be a great way to shake things up in your life!



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