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Can You Turn Your Passion For Garden Design Into A Business?

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Those of us that are lucky enough to have an acre or so tend to enjoy sculpting our gardens into something attractive as well as practical. The scent of flowers and the shape of shrubs can be quite relaxing. Perhaps you have a patio area where you can enjoy al fresco dining? Or maybe the enchanting sound of a water feature helps you to meditate on a warm and sunny day?

If designing your garden has been a favorite project for you, perhaps there is a way to turn that into a business?



Becoming a landscaper isn’t as tricky as you think. Like most design jobs, your portfolio is perhaps more important than the education and training you’ve undertaken. Your own home garden is the best project to include in your portfolio. But do include photos and details of any other outdoor spaces you’ve helped to design.

Gardeners and landscapers tend to take courses that help them understand the science of tending to the earth. You might pick up some handy hints about soil acidity and the best plants and flowers to grow. But a designer sees shapes, colors and structure. These things are incredibly important when you want to craft a perfect outdoor entertaining space for a client.

Getting Started

Your first job might be quite a big one. Chances are you’ll have to undertake some ground works to get going. This involves shifting earth and garden waste away from the area you want to work on. A wheelbarrow is the best way to move this stuff by hand if you can’t operate heavy machinery in this area. You’ll also need a commercial skip bin hire to put all the waste until it can be taken away. This needs to be factored into your budget when you quote.

You will undoubtedly need to recruit some help to handle any building or carpentry works. Whether you’re qualified and experienced here or not, it’s safer to have the extra pair of hands. You might be handling a lot of power tools as well. It’s important you have the right insurance cover here. If your client has pets or children, you must keep dangerous items out of their reach.

All On Paper?

Of course, the cleanest part of this job is sketching your ideas out on paper. There are also a few software programs and apps that can help you here to make sharing and editing a lot easier. Beyond the initial design, you should have some knowledge about plant types. It’s good to understand the practicalities of different plants sitting side by side. After all, every one of your designs will evolve and grow over time. It will constantly change through the seasons too.

You don’t have to be a professional gardener, but it could help you to take some training. And you don’t have to be an architect or pro-designer to get started. But it will take passion and drive to start your own business. Are you ready for it?



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