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Camping: More Options Than Just a Tent!

Camping: More Options Than Just a Tent!

Camping is incredibly wholesome, and spending time out in nature and enjoying the outdoors can be so beneficial. However, roughing it up in a tent for a few days or a week can be less than enjoyable when your appearance starts going downhill and you’re not getting much sleep on a hard floor! Perhaps you have young children and staying in just a tent isn’t really suitable. Either way, if you want to enjoy all of the activities and fun that camping can bring but don’t fancy just the bare basics of a tent, here are a few other options!

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arabian glamping luxury tent
arabian glamping luxury tent

Caravans and Chalets

With a caravan or chalet (like a static caravan) you’re more protected from the elements and it’s much more of a ‘home from home’. If you stay at a campsite you’re usually hooked up to electricity and even wifi in some places. Unlike a tent where you’ll be living out of a cool box, you can refrigerate your food and even cook it on a hob or in the microwave. Often in caravans, there will be a bedroom or two depending on how many it sleeps, or there will be some pull-out beds which will be far comfier than sleeping on the floor on a camp bed! As you’re on a campsite you still get the fun camping experience, but just with a few more luxuries. If you choose somewhere with a shower area, you don’t have to worry about crazy hair or being smelly throughout your trip!

glamping in africa
glamping in africa


The great thing about a campervan is that you get transport and somewhere to sleep in one. If you want to go on an epic road trip without breaking the bank then this is a fantastic way to go about it. You can park and sleep anywhere you like (as long as it’s safe and legal). If you shop for portable generators before you leave, you can power technology, appliances, heaters or air conditioning and more without needing a campsite hook up. Places like are useful when you’re travelling. Another option is if you’re a member of a gym with access to branches across the country, pop in and have a shower on your road trip!

Glamping Pods

camping pods are a lovely way to glamp
camping pods are a lovely way to glamp

Lots of campsites, as well as places like national parks, often offer slightly nicer accommodation for camping. Glamping pods can be anything from fancy kitted out canvas tents to miniature wooden freestanding rooms. Something like this would be ideal for a girls getaway, again you get the feeling of being out camping but with a much nicer and more luxurious place to stay. Pod glamping is available in lots of places across the world and is becoming more and more popular, so definitely something to look into!

Camping can be whatever you want it to be, so if you want something slightly more comfortable than a regular tent then there are options out there. Either way, getting outdoors and enjoying some camping activities such as hiking, orienteering, fishing, campfire building and more is a lot of fun.



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