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Book Launch: “Paris Dreaming” By Katrina Lawrence

Paris Dreaming by Katrina Lawrence

I was a bit nervous attending a function with a concentrated, small number of beauty mavens and experts, as well as publishing royalty and other glamorous friends and family of Katrina Lawrence’s book launch of Paris Dreaming.

The venue was at the French Consul General’s home, that was generously opened for the event. It was an intimate affair, just 80 carefully selected guests. I felt very privileged to be invited.

I am a complete inner Parisienne, so working on Kat’s site was the ultimate job for me, pretty, tasteful and “just so”.

On arrival, the first thing I did was purchase a copy and, not knowing a soul, I headed for the bar which was serving  , of course. There were exquisite floral displays featuring the currently, in season, and my favourite, peonies. Again, of course.

People were in groups chatting with familiarity, but I felt brave so casually struck up a conversation with the lady next to me, who happened to be Katrina’s editor. I didn’t want to take Katrina’s time as everyone wanted to speak with her of course, but Katrina found time to chat to each person and came up to say hello. Honestly you couldn’t find a sweeter person. She didn’t recognise me.

Paris Dreaming - signed version
Paris Dreaming – signed version
Makeup of the evening
Makeup of the evening

My Makeup Run Down

I decided to go with a smoky rose gold eye makeup using the Urban Decay Nake Palette 3, and added in some shades from the Tarte 2017 Holiday Palette. My blush, bronzer and luminiser were all from the Hour Glass Ambient Palette. My lips were Lined in Melli Cosmetics Nude Lip Liner and the lipstick was Marc Jacobs, a peach tone but the name has rubbed off the bottom. I added a touch of gloss with Mellie Gloss in Icon, her best selling shade. Brows were Anastasia Beverly Hills. Tan was by Skinny Tan. I used a Carli Bybel Tutorial for the eye makeup but made it a bit more suited to me to bring out my blue eyes. Funnily enough it was the first thin Katrina said to me.

Meeting Katrina Lawrence in real life, after online contact for years

It is a strange feeling, when you “know” someone online and meet them in person, it’s almost the same feeling when you see a celebrity, you know them well from screen, but not in person, physically. You only see the air brushed version I guess. Katrina initially didn’t recognise me. I hope it’s not because my posts make me look too different. While I try to be real online, but I do tend to put my best foot forward.

I’ve also recently gone platinum, and I’m a bit fatter at the moment than I used to be due to my artfully hidden knee. I wore heels last night and didn’t take my stick. I am paying for that today with a knee like a grapefruit.

left Katrina Lawrence, author and right, myself
left Katrina Lawrence, author and right, moi

My Chanel Bag was my event companion

My companion of the evening was this beautiful bag from Luxe.It.Fwd who offer stunning accessories, authenticity guaranteed, that are pre-loved but in near new condition. I thought it only fitting to wear a Chanel Bag for a french themed event.

My campanion of the evening from
My campanion for the evening courtesy of

I plucked up my courage to talk to people I didn’t know, and met some really sweet and interesting people, all of who were inspiring in their own way. One of the editors of the book paints, so I talked to her about painting and getting back into it after years of not painting. Another lady discussed the changes in magazine publishing and how the internet was affecting the industry dramatically.

The macarons were plentiful and the cheeses were artfully chosen, especially the pink washed rind brie, which is a favourite of mine, I think it is Epoisses de Bourgogne. I was a little to nervous to eat, but did have a little cheese.

Katrina Lawrence’s speech was beautiful and she explained how you didn’t need to live in Paris to feel Parisienne.

Generous Gifting From Guerlain

A fragrant end to a beautiful evening
A fragrant end to a beautiful evening

On leaving we was generously gifted, the Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum, which I am wearing right now as I gaze as my blooming bunch of peonies, drinking my coffee from a prized tea cup. Aparrently Katrina always used an elegant tea cup and saucer and always had the first gardenia of the season on her desk each year. I knew were shared similar passions but I didn’t realise how similar our habits were.

Mon Guerlain Fragrance
The bottle is just gorgeous and will sit well in my collection
Mon Guerlain is absolutely beautiful. A feast for the senses. Just like Paris.
Mon Guerlain is absolutely beautiful. A feast for the senses. Just like Paris.

Why Paris stays with you, well after leaving

Katrina in her speech explained that Paris involved every sense, scent, touch, sight, sound and taste and why it least such a lasting memory. I cannot wait to escape into the book, I think it will be my family’s Chrismas reading.

If you’d like to purchase the book and learn more about Katrina Lawrence, beauty editor, writer and now author, head to



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