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Bondi Beach Tea Co 14-Day Detox Program” and day by day Diary

bondi beach tea co 14 day detox

I wanted to write a diary of my life in general as well as documenting that in the context of doing the Bondi Beach Tea Co 14-Day Detox Program. I will be as honest as I can, probably to the point of oversharing but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll overshare if I please.

Day 1: Monday 13th November 2017

I had a cup of the B-Slim Tea mid afternoon, has a Hello Fresh vegetarian Mexican Bowl which was delicious. Thanks to my super hubby for not only shooting images all day for me but then making dinner. He’s so supportive with my fatigue. I did manage to write 6 blog posts, art direct 2 shoots and then do my design work that supports this blog. I also has a cup of the Colon Cleanse Tea before bed.

Day 2: Tuesday 14th November 2017

Bondi beach tea co 14 day detox
Bondi Beach Tea Co 14 Day Detox

I kicked off my first day with a tea, the B-Slim. Its an aquired taste I think, but I feel very pious and healthy. That was until I got a thumping head ache from my caffeine withdrawals. I decided to get gentle on myself and had one coffee (nromally it’s three so it’s an improvement).

I can safely say that the Colon Cleanse Tea is effective in getting everything moving. To the pint of urgency. Enough on that.

Unfortunately today I had a flare up of my arthritis, which leaves my body achy with no energy. I have an autoimmune disease called psoriatic athritis which is one of the reasons I want to detox and why I put on weight in the first place. I stuck to the no sugar part of the program and had my protein, greens powder and turmeric shake for breakfast and lunch with some rockmelon and sprinkling of stevia on it in the afternoon.

Planning on a vegetarian meal from Hello Fresh (love love love Hello Fresh, especially when hubby makes it).

Made my last B-Slim Tea of the afternoon and managed to spill the entire thing all over myself  and my bedside table and chipped that handle of my 2nd favourite tea cup. I have a collection of tea cups and none match. I buy then because I like fine china, but can never afford a set. I also like the mix and match when friends come over for tea, because I can give them the cup that suits their mood. My first favourite is a little art deco style Wedgewood and it was a gift from Charlie, my creative and clever 16-year-old daughter and hubby Mike.

I need to lose 16kg in all weight so I can have my knee replacement with a good result, take the pressure off my joints, get back into my favourite active wear and go to the gym (it has a lift and I can use the bike, weights and rowing machine). But I need to feel inspired and when I look in the mirror now I’m not loving the chubby, middle aged woman looking back at me. From the neck up I’m fine. I have a bump in my nose and chubby cheeks, but I’m OK for my age. I’ll look better in two weeks. Even 2 kgs down will be 2kgs is down.

Will end the day with the Colon Cleanse and have a soy tumeric latte. Sounds gross, probably is, but it tastes like it is good for me. Turmeric is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer and since the injections I have once a week for my arthritis are said to increase my chances of certain cancer, I am willing to drink my tumeric latte.

Note: Soy turmeric latte was as suspected, gross. I just blocked my nose and sculled it. I’m getting turmeric tablets. I’m also worried about yellow teeth.

Day 3: Wednesday 15th November

Decided that life isn’t worth living without coffee. The headaches and crankiness aren’t worth it.

But… I made sure that I had my B-Slim Tea First thing so it was the first thing in my tummy. I then had a Fat Blaster Protein Shake, with added Nature’s Way Greens Powder and Nature’s Way Tumeric Latte Powder.

Nature's way Super Greens Plus Powder 100g
Nature’s way Super Greens Plus Powder 100g
Pure Food Essentials Certified Organic Turmeric Powder 80g $5.95
Pure Food Essentials Certified Organic Turmeric Powder 80g $5.95

I had to visit my rheumatologist about my arthritis, to get the new script for my Enbrel injections (onece a week) and also to check my blood work. My Vitamin D is up, thanks to spending some time in the sun road testing the 100% organic Carol’s Beauty Suntan enhancer. I only spend 10 minutes, over 3 days plus Ostelins’ Vitamin D supplement, but the score was up to 65, and it needs to be over 50. Last time it was only18, so I call that a win. At least it’s not vitamin D causing my fatigue.

Carol's Beauty Suntan Complete Collection
Carol’s Beauty Suntan Complete Collection
Ostelin Vitamin D Gelcaps 250
Ostelin Vitamin D Gelcaps 250 $34.95 (liquid sunshine that won’t cause skin cancer)

show?id=0lsp0F9Hnlw&bids=370078The other promising results were that my liver and kidney function are good and all my inflammatory markers are down, so while I still have joint pain it’s improving and I am managing this autoimmune disease.

So I’ve stuck to the tea program, and am eating well, no chocolate, no Nutella, no comfort eating. The herbs in the tea curb my appetite during the day, and replace a calorie rich latte.

Again Bondi Beach Tea Co Colon Cleanse is doing it’s job, enough said on that.

I’m not sure what causes my morning aches. It might be fibromyalgia (that’s my guess), but the rheumatologist doesn’t thing so. Either way, losing weight is the main way I can help mself. Lugging around 16 kg that I don’t want or need is something I need to fix. No, I can’t fix it in 14 days with a detox, but the Bondi Beach Tea Co’s 14 day program can get me into better habits, and feeling better, not weighed down by carbs and sugar.

I made a Hello Fresh recipe of caramelised peach and almond salad, which I thought was delish, but Mike was more into the $1 home brand garlic bread from Woolies. He left half his salad, so despite the fact I thought it was delicious, I won’t be making that again.

Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced 120 Tablets $39.95
Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced 120 Tablets $39.95

Took the following vitamins:

Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced 120 Tablets
Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced 120 Tablets

Plus the vitamin D and a probiotic.

Blackmores Probiotics+ Daily Health 90 Capsules
Blackmores Probiotics+ Daily Health 90 Capsules $49.95

Day 5: Thursday 16th November

Woke up, and Mike had already made my coffee. I didn’t want to let it go to waste, so will have my tea later on the morning. I’ve been having my B-Slim at breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, then the Colon Cleanse at bed time. I think I was a bit enthusiastic at the start about the amount to use in the tea ball, co and rationing the remaining tea, as it is getting low. I’ll ask for another bag if I run out so I can ensure I do the full 14 days.

Felt less achy this morning, maybe because I went to bed a little earlier and didn’t stay up all night blogging. No appointments today, just a few packages expected for un-boxing posts and 3 websites to get my teeth into. I’ve also got to write 3 blog posts and do print quotes. Big day actually now I look at it.

I also need to get back into my real estate studies. Life is pretty demanding at the moment with my studies, my blog and the design work I do to keep me afloat, so my health is paramount. If I get sick I have no back up. I’ve invested it all into my time on this site. It’s all or nothing!

Day 6: Friday 17th November

I’m feeling less and less like bingeing in the evenings which is how I put on weight in the first place. I think I just like the comfort of eating and making a lovely fragrant tea is a lovely ritual that replaces eating bad food. It also helps me get enough water in the day. I don’t actually love skulling vast quantities of water and often add a sugar free lemon cordial to it, which is better than being dehydrated.

Went out sailing this evening and indulged in a beer, something I never drink and felt a big bloated and my face felted flushed. The went to meet friends I hadn’t seen for 5 years, at the Wharf Bar in Manly. So noisy. Proceeded to throw caution to the wind and drank rose all night. Mike and I retired to our friend’s house and proceeded to drink very expensive port. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still had my colon cleanse tea at home, but there’s not getting out of a hangover.

Day 7: Saturday 18th November

OK now this is why I stopped drinking. Could not function today. Being on heavy duty pain medication, plus my injections for arthritis make the effects of drinking worse, not to mention the face that I am not used to drinking. I had myBondi Beach Tea Co B-Slim to help me through the day and a colon cleanse in the evening. I’m sure it helped. Managed to get through some washing and some blogging.

Day 8: Sunday 19th November

My Favourite wedgewood tea cup
My Favourite wedgewood tea cup

Feeling a millions times better, but going to have a quiet day. I am detoxing from devices and blue light, with the help of the book “The Woman Who Fooled The World – Bell Gibson’s Cancer Con” by Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano. Fascinating reading about a women who claimed to have cured herself of incurable brain cancer (which due to the complexity of brain cancer isn’t possible with our current technology in cancer treatments). She claimed that healthy food and a specific diet was her miracle cure. It also opens the lid on the “wellness” industry and by this I mean scientifically debunked quasi-science such as treatments homoeopathy and faith healing for example. Belle Gibson’s book and app inspired cancer sufferers to ignore medical advice and go down the path of a special diet and other practises and it would cure their cancer just like Belle’s. Guess what? It didn’t. She eventually got caught out and none of the fund rasing she did went to the charities. She donated about $6K in total. $1000 to a charity for girls in India and the other to a friend’s cafe in Melbourne for a water filtration system. Anyway a gripping read.

Having time away from the conputer is good for my head.

Day 9: Monday 20th November

author Katrina Lawrence and little old moi with my chanel bag from Luxe.It.Fwd
author Katrina Lawrence and little old moi with my chanel bag via Luxe.It.Fwd

I have a book launch to attend to tonight, so trying to get in all the tea I can as I know there will be Mumm french pink champagne involved, along with fantastic cheeses and macarons. It is a French themed launch for Katrina Lawrence, who just launched her first book “Paris Dreaming”.

I was nervous so did my make up early and then sat with tea and the book “Duchess” By Danielle Steele. I know not exactly highbrow but a break from relentless emails and work related messages.

Diane Penelope Kennedy – Editor/Blogger/Designer
Diane Penelope Kennedy – Editor/Blogger/Designer – my eyes are always bluer when I am healthy.

I headed off to the venue in Bellevue Hill, at the French Consul General’s home, and the french champagne was flowing and there were pink macarons everywhere. I was in francophile central. I didn’t know anyone so felt a bit awkward but introduced myself to several people, all of whom were fascinating and interesting in their own way. Lots of beauty industry icons, plus the new breed of beauty writers, as well as family and friends of Kat Lawrence all of whom were every bit as night as Katrina. Wish I’d spoken to the familiar looking blonde who turned out to be Kirsten who started Lanolips. Note to self: don’t be shy at functions like that. I love meeting new people but feel a bit weird breaking into conversations.

at the "Paris dreaming" book launch with my companion Chanel Bag from Luxe.It.Fwd
at the “Paris dreaming” book launch with my companion Chanel Bag from Luxe.It.Fwd

I had 2 champagnes over 2 hours as I had to drive home across the city to Mosman, where I met up with Mike and  Charlie for a pub dinner. I was still on a high from the launch so frivolously ordered another champagne. Will I ever learn?

Day 10: Tuesday 24th November

Yep, hangover after just 3 glasses of champagne. Needed coffee. Tried Bondi Beach Tea Co B-Slim Tea first but coffee and I are enmeshed. I cannot give it up. I do have several cups of tea through the day and the only thing I feel like eating is muesli and yoghurt with fruit. Managed to get a lot of blog and social work but brain is not firing on all cylinders. Just cannot drink with my medication.

Bondi Beach Tea Co Colon Cleanse
Bondi Beach Tea Co Colon Cleanse

I was watching Fargo, after finishing “Duchess” by Danielle Steele, and prepared my Bondi Beach Tea Co Colon Cleanse, but in bed in the dark managed to spill the entire cup all over me. I think I may have burns. Note to self. Do not drink tea in the dark in a small cup.

I have special tea cups, none match, and I have a cup for every mood. This is my every day prettiness cup and saucer bought by my mum.

Day 11: Wednesday 22nd November

Mike brought me in a latte, but will have tea after that. I’m probably doing the cleanse all wrong, but it has brought me back to the idea of tea again replacing the 3 coffees I was drinking, and am now down to to one. It’s a big day of design work today and am working on building my Instagram following organically but it is hard to beat the “pods” of people who inflate their follower figures and engagement rates.

I’ve posted twice this morning on the blog and it is only 10am, so proud of that, as well as going through and liking my favourite posts on Instagram and interacting for my Facebook page.

Feeling so much better than I did yesterday. I have a neck issue, having a scan on Friday as I appear to have an occipital nerve compression which is causing excrutiating pain. The radiographer will check the scan and I will get a needle in my neck to help with the pain. Not looking forward to it.

Insides are feeling cleansed, and I have lost size. I’ve avoided the scales because it gets depressing, so using my clothes as my guide for weightloss.

My peonies are blooming beautifully
My peonies are blooming beautifully
todays supplements for inflammation, joints and greens.
todays supplements for inflammation, joints and greens.


Bondi Beach Tea Co B-Slim Tea
Bondi Beach Tea Co 14 Day Detox

Day 12: Thursday 23rd November

Today is injection day. I take an injection of Enbrel which is an immuno-suppressant drug, that helps to keep my symptoms of Arthritis at bay. Auto-immune diseases are where your immune system is on overdrive so in order to slow down degenerative symptoms I have to suppress my immune system. Unfortunately, like chemotherapy, it isn’t just targeted to the areas that are affected, the immuno-suppressants affect my entire body, so I am susceptible to any colds, flus or illness going around. I do my own injections which on hurts a bit, but it has made a difference.

I had to go to the doctor today as I hurt me knee going to Monday night’s function by wearing heels (they were block heels, almost wedges so I thought they’d be OK). My knee was swollen like a grapefruit, so I got 3 injections of cortisone in the three areas where the inflammation is. I huts a lot at the time, so I was happy once it was over. Below is some blurb about PsA which is the condition I fight with conventional medicine as well as try to eat foot and take supplements that will help.

“Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a progressive autoimmune disorder that can lead to permanent and debilitating joint damage. Like psoriasis, it is characterized by chronic inflammation. In PsA, immune cells are activated and produce too much of certain proteins which lead to the chronic inflammation. These proteins can cause skin cells to grow too quickly, leading to inflamed skin and other symptoms of psoriasis.  The proteins also cause inflammation of the joints, which can lead to pain and progressive joint damage.” From

I don’t look sick, so people don’t realise that I have pain throughout my body and that I battle with this disease every day. Some days it’s my joints swelling, other days it’s pain in the body, and some days it’s just exhaustion.

I think the tea ritual has helped because when I drink tea, I slow down and am mindful of what my body is doing. I’ve added a tumeric latte to the bedtime ritual, it’s not the nicest by I do hear that turmeric is good for inflammation. Being stressed affects the disease, and if I am stressed I get flare ups. A tea ritual that calms me through the day reduces stress is good for my health overall.

Day 13: Friday 24th November

Today is the second last day and my tea is running out. I am well and truly into the hbit of drinking herbal teas, and it’s a habit I will continue. I think for me, the taste of the colon cleanser was my favourite. I love licorice, and it’s a nice night time ritual when I don’t try to juggle it with a laptop cup and saucer and end up scalding myself (I did that last night) so no saucers for evening tea. I have another lovely cup, my Wedgewood “Gilded Muse”, that has no saucer.

wedgwood gilded muse the lovers mug
wedgwood gilded muse the lovers mug

I spent the day working one business stuff and web design for client, as well as dealing with some personal stuff. The personal stuff is draining but I used my tea breaks for “mindfulness stops”. The ritual of making tea is such a beautiful tradition in many society and I think it slows us down enough to take stock and be aware of how you are feeling.

Not getting a scan today, still sore from the injections, so waiting until my workload is clearer

I do feel that the Bondi Beach Tea Co 14 Day Detox has helped curb my comfort eating, because it offers comfort, without eating. Some of the medicine I take causes me to feel ravenous at night time, so the tea has definitely helped with that.

The pain medication can cause sluggish “output” so I will definitely keep on the Colon Cleanse, as it is nice tasting and pushed everything through nicely.

Diet notes: During this diet our family is mainly vegetarian, and we eat Hello Fresh vegetarian anyway at least 3 days a week. Tonight was cauliflower tacos with chick peas, just delicious. Mike, my husband and Charlie my daughter, both had chicken wings afterwards, but I can’t stand the look and sound of eating things that look like the animal. I have the idea. If I had my choice I’d not eat meat.

My bloating is definitely down, my skin is as clear as  it could be, my eyes are bright blue as they are when I am healthy. I’m not much slimmer but I blame insanely good and super pretty macarons, washed rind brie and MUMM ROSÉ from the book launch on Monday night. I feel I have my evening bingeing under control now, so am turning to tea instead.

I do one final post for my final day, which is a busy one. Shoe shopping with Charlie, shooting a product with the 18 foot vintage skiffs for social media and then finishing 2 websites.

Bondi Beach Tea Co Detox Team Benefits
Bondi Beach Tea Co Detox Team Benefits

Day 14: Friday 25th November

Bondi Bondi Beach Detox 14 day pack
Bondi Bondi Beach Detox 14 day pack

Last day and feeling bright and chirpy for a Saturday morning. I don’t really drink any more, so no more ruined Saturday’s due to hangovers from what “seemed like a good idea on Friday night” drinks. Took my daughter shoe shopping and found the perfect pair that didn’t break the bank for her formal dress. She’s still unsure of herself in the bombshell dress and body, but her dad cried when he first saw her on the dress.

Had my early morning tea, but missed out on mid-morning, due to being a the mall. I lost all track of time at the mall, there’s no clocks and you can’t tell what time of the day it is. Got pale pink and gold props for the shoot next week, need glue for the glue gun. I’m also showing my wrapping technique, so had to get paper and ribbon. I wanted to make cards but think I’ll just buy simple tags. I like a rustic looking Christmas in pale pink beige and rose gold (If I can find it). No tree this year as we are traveling to Mum’s at Maclean on the Clarence River, NSW, and there’s always a tree there.

Was grateful to get home, and then raced out the door to shoot a phone case I have been sent for my gift guide, which Mike and I are shooting on Monday and Wednesday next week, but I wanted a social post of it with the wooden boats (Vintage 18 footers out of Kirribilli). Had to share this picture of the jacaranda trees in full blossom in a residential street in Kirribilli, Sydney, a tunnel of purple.

Jacaranda trees in full blossom in a residential street in Kirribilli, Sydney.
Jacaranda trees in full blossom in a residential street in Kirribilli, Sydney.

Worked through the afternoon got my web design work done, and drank the last of the B-Slim. Will definitely be going on the 28 day soon.

Finished the day on Colon Cleanse which I will repurchase.

It’s been a great 2 weeks of changing poor eating and drinking habits., and a regime like this forced me to have routine, mindfulness and focus on my body and how it was feeling. Also feeling clear headed, due to a more clean diet, and have managed to resolve some personal conflict, clearing my karmic path for 2018.

Thanks Bondi Beach Tea Co 14 Day Detox, you’ve given me a wonderful gift to end the year on.





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