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Blogging and Content Creation Services

I have always written. A prolific reader as a child, I was always entranced by the English language and the power to move people with words. My great grandfather was one of Australia’s bush poets and best friend to much celebrated Henry Lawson. I feel sometimes that his love of English writing comes through to me.

With years of experience in blogging and writing for digital media, writing for a range of end users, I am a writer that can adapt to the subject matter and speak in a voice that resonates with today’s specific target markets. I’m not precious about the subject or end use, all writing is important to reflect our culture, whether it is to sell a mascara or offer advice for parents. There are some subjects that I avoid on ethical grounds, so if you want me to write about gambling or anything intolerant, I probably can’t help.

As an editor, graphic and web designer with a life-long passion for potions, pots and powder, a love of branding, decor, design (web and graphic), property, small business, styling and general lifestyle, I offer the following quality blogging services:

  • Guest blogging on external sites to a specific brief and topic, with specific links
  • Blogging for organic link building strategies, with specified links and stories effectively built around those links
  • Blogging and social media creation for businesses and brands on a variety of subjects, beauty, business
  • Writing reviews and road tests and blogging on range of products/services on
  • Customisation of posts and blogging for organic link building strategies on
  • Editor and writer in chief of – writing and editing guest content

Please read through my the posts on and if you like my blogging style and I can help you in any way, get in touch. Pricing varies according to the word count, end use and work involved. I do occasionally do blogging pro-bono on and/or for people, business or causes I truly believe in. I’d love to hear how I can help you with my variously styles of writing, from persuasive sales copy to inspirational business blog posts.

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