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The Best Cars for Road Tripping

road tripping

So, you want to see the world by road tripping? First of all, good! Everybody should get out there and see more of our planet than just the corner of it that they were born in and grew up in. Second of all, you’re going to have to decide exactly how you’re going to be seeing the world — if you find yourself struggling to decide on this, let us do it for you: road trips! Road trips are a great way to see a certain, extensive part of the world simply because they not only allow you to travel long distances but they allow you to see everything freely along the way. So, now you’re dead set on road tripping, the third thing you’ve got to do is get yourself a car that will allow you to do so and will get you from A to B to Z. Fortunately, the list below will you to do just that.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

If you’re looking to have some fun whilst you drive on your road trip then the Mazda MX-5 Miata could be the car for you. Yes, this might not be the most practical car on this list due to its lack of space (probably best avoided if you are travelling with a load of people or a lot of baggage), but what it lacks in space it more than makes up for in other road tripping ares.

For one, as previously mentioned it is a load of fun simply because of the safe speeds that it can reach, the way it can drift (in controlled areas) and its sharp steering capabilities. What’s more, the latest editions of this car come ready made with a six-speed manual transmission, and what this means is that this is a car that is easy to drive, even for the most inexperienced of drivers. And, what’s even better about this car is just as about as good as any car (certainly on this list, at least) when it comes to fuel economy.

So, if you’re willing to forgo a bit of practicality and leg room on your trip, make sure to give the MX-5 Miata a thought when you come to thinking about your perfect road tripping car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’re looking to deviate off of the beaten track on your road trip and head off road at points during it, then the Jeep Grand Cherokee could very well be the perfect road tripping car for you. Why? Well, because this is a car that gives its driver and passengers the smoothes drive possible no matter the terrain, no matter the climate

This off-roading skill that the Cherokee has is born from its diesel engine. Simply, this engine gives it the power to circumvent harsh terrains like rocks or sand, as well as the speed to cut through them with ease. And, if you kit your Cherokee’s diesel engine out with any of the diesel engine kits found at, such as a DPF or an NOx emissary, you will be able to program your car in a way that makes it just about as powerful as any other heavy duty machine, even those that aren’t used for pleasure and are used in high-octane woking environments.

So, if your aim is to very much go off road on your road trip, and experience some true driving power whilst you do so, make sure to give the Grand Cherokee some real consideration.

Chrysler Pacifica

If you’re not looking for speeding or off-road qualities in your road tripping car, and would much prefer a much safer and much more family orientated vehicle, then the Chrysler Pacifica could be for you.

Simply, this is a car that is specifically designed to keep everybody who embarks on your road trip with you comfortable and entertained — even the harshest of critics, your children, will surely agree with this. They will surely agree with this because they will have plenty of rear seat entertainment on hand to, well, keep them entertained; this entertainment includes twin touch screen that have the ability to play Blu-ray discs and even play video games when a device is connected to them via HDMI. What’s more, this car actually comes ready made with preloaded games, the best of which is one that is titled ‘Are We There Yet’, a game that would allow your children to keep a track of your road trip progress in as child friendly a way as possible.

What with this game, and the rest of the entertainment features on board, you will never have to hear those famous words ‘are we there yet’ come out of your children’s mouths during your road trip if you choose the Pacifica.

So, there you have it, three of the best road tripping cars out there today!



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