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Become The Master Manipulator Of Light

Become The Master Manipulator Of Light

Image via Pixabay

If you didn’t already know, lighting is a very powerful tool that can either make or break a room. It is able to dramatically change the look or atmosphere of a space just in terms of its placement or style. So if you’re looking to become the master manipulator of light – here’s what you should know first.

Consider the function of the room.

No room should have the same lighting, as no room has the same function. For a living room, you don’t want to choose any lights that end up blinding you while you’re trying to watch the television. As this area tends to be a rather versatile one, use a combination of light sources like table lamps, floor lamps, and track lighting. It should be part of your decor, not just a useful object.

If you’re in the kitchen, the light will be more useful below your eye level, so if you have a specific area you prepare food in, and then another corner where you cook it, install some task lights that can be fit in under cabinets and stoves.

And the bedroom is your room of relaxation and love, so a candle or two can work wonders to set the tone off correctly.

Install a dimmer
Install a dimmer – image via Flickr

Always add a dimmer.

This is especially important for rooms that are used for different purposes, like the living room for example. With a dimmer, you are able to be flexible depending on the time of day, the activity that you are doing, and the mood that you’re in. Make sure that you get in a licensed electrician like MBE Electrical to get everything properly installed so you don’t have to worry about complications. Remember that if you only have one source of light, the look of your room will never be able to change, meaning you’re left staring at the same shadow every night.

Know your bulbs.

For example, fluorescent tubes should be removed from your brain. They will not only make everything in your home seem off-color, but they will also mess around with your eyes. LEDs have a long lifespan, but they can eat up your energy. Whereas CFLs are a much better option, but just make sure you’re careful when disposing of them. The kind of bulb is entirely up to personal preference though, so do some research before deciding.

Living Room Lighting via Beacon Lighting
Living Room Lighting via Beacon Lighting

Localize your light source.

A lot of people assume that the use of light is merely to make a room visible, and while that is of course helpful, it’s not the sole reason. You shouldn’t actually want to light every part of the room up – you won’t have any depth that way, and without depth, you aren’t able to create a story. Instead, incorporate multiple points of light, all strategically placed. You want to make layers of light that are able to balance each other out. So think of your light source – whether that be a lamp, overhanging light, built in ceiling lights, etc., and then figure out how you plan on using them.



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