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Beauty Treatments You Might Have Considered Trying Out

Beauty Treatments You Might Have Considered Trying Out

The majority of us incorporate some sort of beauty regime into our lives. We want to make ourselves presentable for various social situations – whether that’s work, catching up with family or meeting up with friends – and many of us just enjoy the way different products and treatments make us look. There are so many reasons that you might want to try out something new. Perhaps you want to try a new look. There are also plenty of different treatments that are relaxing and fun to try out. So, let’s take a moment to take a look at a few options you might like!


Manicures are one of the most common beauty treatments on the market. Sure, you can do your own nails at home, but unless you’ve completed a beauty training course yourself, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get the same high quality finish that you will from nails done at a professional salon. When you have a manicure, your nails will be shaped and often polished. The technician will remove any existing polish, buff the nails down with a file and then shape them into whatever shape you’d like. Popular options include rounded, squared, and coffin shaped. The technician can then use a gel varnish and UV lamp to paint your nails any color you wish. Gel varnish is generally preferable, as it can last for weeks. It’s resistant to chipping, can strengthen the nail plate and prevent any breakage from happening – such as breakage. If your nails are weaker, or you prefer much longer nails, you can alternatively opt for acrylic nails. These can be any length you wish, giving you more opportunity to experiment with shape and style. If you’re going for something particularly impressive, you might want to try airbrush designs, which can create patterns and images on your nails.


A pedicure is often referred to as a manicure for the feet. But this isn’t really the case. Sure, you can have similar work carried out on your toenails as you can on your fingernails. You can have them filed down, shaped, buffed and polished – all of which will leave them looking great! But a pedicure involves so much more. You will generally be seated in a comfortable chair – many with massage features – and your feet will soak in a warm bath with all sorts of salts and nice smelling essential oils. You can then have them scrubbed and any dead skin removed from the soles. Your feet will not only be left looking good, but they will feel good too. The soft feeling is entirely worth it!

Eyebrow Threading

If you’re looking to neaten up your eyebrows, plucking can prove extremely time consuming and it’s pretty difficult to get the shape and finish you might be looking for yourself. Instead, you might want to try eyebrow threading – an ancient hair removal technique, originating in Asia and the Middle East. Threading is great for sensitive skin and much more precise than plucking, taking away extremely fine hairs. Your eyebrow threader will also be able to create the shape you desire. All they do is use a piece of cotton thread, twisted it into a double strand and sweep it across the area where hair is to be removed. The unwanted hairs are lifted from the follicle and removed!


For those of us who have sparse brows, threading might not be enough to create the brow we’re looking for. Instead, you might want to consider something like microblading to give you a fuller look. Now, this is a more expensive treatment than threading, but it will create brows for you. It’s essentially a semi-permanent kind of tattoo artistry. Make sure to use a training and qualified professional when getting it done! Put simply, pigment is implanted under your skin with a small handheld tool, drawn in hair-like strokes that create the appearance of natural hair. It shouldn’t hurt much – feeling more like small scratches than anything else. Once you’ve had your brows, done, you will generally need touch-ups every six months. But remember, it’s more effective than simply drawing or tinting brows on. It’s long lasting, natural looking, and doesn’t come off in water!

Line Reduction

If you’re concerned about lines on your forehead, creases around the corners of your eyes, or any other kind of wrinkles, you might want to consider botox. This is relatively non-invasive. You just have a few injections. But the results are outstanding. The botox essentially freezes muscles in your face, reducing the amount that your face moves and consequently slowing the creation of new lines and worsening of current lines.


It’s likely that you’ve used exfoliants on your face before. If you’re looking for the next step up when it comes to removing dead skin, you should look into peels. These safely expose a whole fresh layer of skin, leaving you glossy and glowing.

Eyelash Extensions

Many of us use mascara, but this doesn’t hit the full potential out there for our lashes. This is why many of us use one-time use lashes when we’re heading out. But why not consider eyelash extensions? These give you a full-lashed look every day for an extended period of time. A professional glues each lash on individually (with specialist glues that are suitable for use around the eyes). They will be able to discuss your preferences beforehand to make sure the length and volume you desire is achieved!

As you can see, there are plenty of different treatments out there that you might want to try out! Each comes hand in hand with its own set of benefits and there are plenty of different results and outcomes! Just make sure to use reliable salons and practitioners when getting anything done!



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