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Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?

Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?

This is a question that is life changing for so many people in this world. After all, bring a dog home to love and care for is one of the most rewarding experience you can have. However, it is so important that you consider not just how much you want a dog in your life but also whether you can provide the best environment for them too. Something that you can find out more about in the post below.

Adopt don’t shop

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of whether you are ready to be a dog into your life, it’s important to take a look at the advantages of adopting one, rather than buying. Adopting is preferable for many reasons, not least that it provides a home to pups that have nowhere else to go.

Also, folks that are concerned with animal rights will favour adoption over buying a canine, because of puppy farms. Puppy farms are where dogs are bred for the sole purpose of selling and turning a profit. This means that the treatment the mother and puppies get is usually not to a high standard and can even be neglectful.

In addition, puppies coming from farms often have more health problems such as worms and fleas as they have not been looked after properly. They also usually haven’t had anyone invest the proper time in socialising them and getting them used to interact with people, families, and other animals. Something that can create a lot of unnecessary issues when you bring them home. That is why it is always best to adopt rather and than shop, something you can do at organisations like these.


Your schedule

Next, before bringing home a puppy, it’s vital that you take a long hard look at your schedule and whether there is truly enough time to care for a dog within in? If you are out at work all day, and barely home in the evening, it just isn’t going to work. This situation isn’t suitable is because dogs need loads of love and attention and can easily get bored and lonely if there is no one home to look after them.

This, in turn, can cause them to become very destructive and badly behaved because they have so much mental and physical energy that they can’t burn off healthily. Yes, it is possible to hire a dog walker if you live in the city, or if you work out in the country, perhaps you can take your pooch with you. However, if they are going to end up being stuck in a tiny flat all day with no access to outside space or company, it might be better to put getting a dog on hold or consider another pet for the time being.

Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?
Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?

Your home

It is also important that you consider the home environment that you are looking to bring an adopted dog home to. In fact, there are two major aspects to consider here.

The first is whether family and friends that inhabit this space are happy to share it with a dog? Ask yourself, whether they old enough and responsible enough to treat them with respect? To not pull their tail like toddlers sometimes do, or leave leftovers out on the side that Fido might pick up and get sick from?

Puppies are hard work too
Puppies are hard work too

Is your home environment ready to Adopt A Dog?

If the answer is no, then it’s best to hold off until you can get your own place or the kids are a bit older and will understand more about the responsibilities and correct behaviours to display around a pup.

The second element regarding the home to consider is how having a dog will compliment or disrupt the usual way that you like to keep your decor. The question here is how house proud you are, and whether having dog hair, toys, and other miscellaneous things we won’t go into too much detail here about on your carpets, will send you into a spin?

After all, it’s all very well falling in love with a breed or a certain pup from a photo, but having them in your life is quite different! In fact, if you have cream carpets and sofas and tend to keep them on the immaculate side, maybe getting fur shedding Irish Wolfhound or playful Boxer that can bite out the side of a couch in the time it takes you to pop to the supermarket, aren’t the best choice?

Cute, until they chew your Jimmy Choos
Cute, until they chew your Jimmy Choos

Caring for their health

Another factor that you need to give careful consideration to before you adopt a dog is the health care that they will need both now and in the future.

Just like humans, pets are not guaranteed to have good health all of the time. There are illnesses and maladies that can affect dogs from a fairly minor but unpleasant infestation of fleas to more serious and long-term issues such as lungworm and cancer. Luckily, products like the ones you can view here can be used to treat the former issue at home. Although more serious issues, as well as regular checkups, will need to be handled by your local vet professionally.

Pet ownership has it's own rewards.
Pet ownership has it’s own rewards.

Financial implicationswhen you Adopt A Dog

In fact, vets bill can be on of the most significant costs you incur when you adopt a dog, and you need to carefully consider whether you can afford these before you decide to go ahead.

Yes, it is possible to take out insurance against injury and specific conditions. Something that means if your pooch does fall ill the costs of the vest bill will be covered by a certain amount and can help minimise the financial strain if they do get sick.

Although you will still need to account for the price of food, treats, care items, toys, and care for when you are on vacation too, all things that can cost you a significant amount over time. Therefore, if you are unsure of your financial capability to care for a canine, it may be better to wait until the situation is more favourable.



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