Are These The Reasons Why You’re Tired All The Time?

Are These The Reasons Why You're Tired All The Time?

Do you seem to always be tired these days? Even after you’ve had what you thought was a good night’s sleep? Chronic tiredness is an issue that more and more of are now suffering from. It can be a big worry for some people. Not only does it leave them exhausted during the day, which can cause problems at work and when looking after children, but many people start to worry that it could be a sign of ill-health.

But what are the main reasons why so many of us are exhausted? Thankfully, the most common causes of fatigue aren’t always health related – here are some of the reasons you might want to consider for your own exhaustion.

Bad Sleep Patterns

One of the most common causes of tiredness is lack of sleep. There are many people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders that prevent them from getting enough hours of sleep each night. But do you wake up tired even after getting a full night of sleep? If so, then you might need to look at the quality of the sleep that you are getting. For instance, if you have drunk alcohol in the evening, this could reduce your sleep quality and your body will not be well rested even after plenty of sleep.

A Poor Diet

Make sure you get plenty of energy and nutrients from your diet
Make sure you get plenty of energy and nutrients from your diet

It could also be worth reviewing your diet. If your body and mind aren’t getting all the necessary nutrients and energy from your food, then they could be running without the necessary fuel that they need. As a result, you could end up feeling very sluggish and without enough gas in the tank. It’s essential that you get plenty of energy from your diet, so make sure that you are eating carbohydrates with every meal as they are what the body uses for instant energy. Try to stick to whole carbs, as processed ones will only make you feel bloated. Protein is also necessary for energy, and it’s crucial that vegetarians and vegans are getting plenty from plan-based sources.


some medication you are taking may cause exhaustion
some medication you are taking may cause exhaustion

Did you know that some medication is known to cause exhaustion? Most medicines and health treatments will come with a variety of side effects, and tiredness is a very common one. This is especially the case for chemotherapy treatment and other strong forms of medication. Thankfully, though, the tiredness that you feel when you are on medication should only last the course of your treatment. As soon as you end your treatment and medication, you should start to feel full of energy again after just a couple of days. If the tiredness that you do suffer from as a side effect starts to affect your ability to function properly, it could be worth speaking to your doctor about it. They might be able to switch your medication onto one that doesn’t make you quite as tired.

Anxiety And Stress

targeting your stress and anxiety can help improve your sleep patterns
targeting your stress and anxiety can help improve your sleep patterns

One further factor that can greatly affect our energy levels is how much stress and anxiety we are experiencing. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder or are going through a very stressful period in life right now, there’s a good chance that this will be causing problems for your sleep. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep every night as their mind is racing and it’s impossible for them to switch off. So, you might find that targeting your stress and anxiety can help improve your sleep patterns and, in turn, make you feel a lot more refreshed and energetic in the mornings.

Weight Problems

If you have any problems with your weight, then these might also be making you more tired than usual. Whether you are overweight or underweight, your body will need to work more, and it will be burning more energy as a result. For instance, people who are underweight won’t have that much muscle mass in their body, which will make it difficult for their body to keep up with regular demands. So, it’s always worth checking your weight and see if any changes can be made.

weight problems might be making you tired
weight problems might be making you tired

An Underlying Medical Condition

It’s important to note that sometimes extra exhaustion can be caused by an underlying medical condition. So, if you’ve considered all of the points above and they don’t seem to be the reason why you are constantly tired, then you might want to book an appointment with your doctor to get checked out. They should hopefully be able to treat you for whatever is causing your tiredness.

Hopefully, you start to get more energy soon!


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