Animals Rights, Not Entertainment or Profit

against animal cruelty

I sincerely believe in animal rights. Animals are not on this planet for human beings to exploit for entertainment or profit. OK, I have a pet cat. She was a 1-year-old rescue and we are extremely responsible pet owners. Our Nellie is indoors most of the time, apart from when she walks with my in the yard hanging out the washing. She is blissfully happy and loved. There is no danger to Australia’s native wildlife from our cat as she is never outdoors enough to kill anything. We put her clay based litter in the landfill, not into the sewerage system. Putting cat poo in the sewerage risks spreading toxoplasmosis into the ocean. This has been seen to affecting seals as far away as Antarctica. The origin of this falls squarely with “cat waste products” entering the oceans – (Source: Scientific American).

Animal Rights - Orcas don't thrive in captivity ©C ROBLES
Animal Rights – Orcas don’t thrive in captivity ©C ROBLES

Animal Rights and The Entertainment Industry

“At least 164 orcas have died in captivity, not including 30 miscarried or still-born calves. SeaWorld holds 23 orcas in its three parks in the United States and owns (at least) a further four at Loro Parque in Spain (ownership of Adan and Morgan not verified). At least forty-six orcas have died at SeaWorld.” –  WDC

Peta has been campaigning to end Orca’s dying in captivity prematurely through online petitions and social pressure, resulting in the end of the breeding program at Seaworld. The current generation of Orcas is the last generation to have to perform and live in tanks. Hopefully, the current Orcas will be eventually freed if people put enough pressure on Seaworld. It’s no life for a sentient being as intelligent as a whale to live in what is akin to solitary confinement.

No animal rights – orcas in captivity infographic
No animal rights – orcas in captivity infographic (source WCD)

Ringling’s circus is ceasing to use elephants in shows and elephant rides across the world are becoming less popular as a tourist activity in places like Thailand because people are realising more and more than animals are not here for us to use for entertainment. Big mammals with long memories should not be couped up like they are currently. Ringling are now committed to caring for their elephants and will continue to care for them through their conservation program after they stop performing. Click here for more information on how to save elephants from a life of servitude.

Animal Rights and Game Hunting

I also have to mention game parks, where people go to shoot big game then post their pictures on social media to the dismay of people like myself and my family. I simply do not understand where a person would have to be in his/her head to do this for fun or entertainment. I just cannot fathom how anyone can think that breeding an animal to be killed is OK, let alone going to the game parks to shoot them. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not a sport, it’s heartless slaughter. People, including both of Donald Trump’s sons go trophy hunting and the more exotic or rare the animal to more prized the kill. It saddens me that we still have people, many people who revel in this, paying big bucks to shoot animals in a park.

Animal rights for lions
Heartbreaking seeing such a beautiful and special animal slaughters.

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Tarpley hunter poses with dead lion
Tarpley hunter poses with dead lion – sadly no animal rights

People, including both of Donald Trump’s sons, go trophy hunting and the more exotic or rare the animal to more prized the kill. It saddens me that we still have people, many people who revel in this, paying cash-strapped governments of developing countries for licenses to kill the big or rare game. Source ‘ IDA USA.

Caring for the welfare of all animals and respecting animal rights means a lot to me and as a result, I feel hypocritical eating meat or animal products. So I make and effort, along with my daughter, to not exploit animals and to sign petitions and lobby to have animals protected. I’m only one person so it might not seem much but every person counts so we don’t overuse our land with monocultural animal farming and that we don’t overfish our oceans.

I think it is up to each person to evolve and move forward, making a commitment to protect our planet and it’s diversity through small steps like not eating or wearing animal products. I don’t preach at parties or with friends as I think it is a personal choice, but as this is my blog I want people that want to work with me to understand my ethics, views and values.

Animal Rights and the Vegetarian Diet

The other news that is positive is the increased popularity of vegetarianism and veganism, as people are realising we don’t need to kill animals to live.Peta is claiming 2016 is the of the vegan. The Food Navigator USA says research suggest that going vegan is becoming mainstream. I was vegan, but I prefer the less restrictive way of eating to include daily and eggs. I do, whenever possible substitute cow’s milk with soy alternatives, but if it happens to be an ingredient in something I will still eat dairy product or egg.

Animal Rights and Fashion

Whenever I bring up being a veggo or that I am an animal rights activist, people look at my shoes, bag or jacket. But, guess what? They are all pleather (faux leather) or rex rabbit (cotton faux fur). There are perfectly good substitutes for leather and in most cases they cost less. You don’t need to buy into the fur industry when there are so many animal free garments and accessories. Send a message, vote with your wallet.

Find out more about animal rights at:

Two Faced is a brand that also is pro animal rights and animal testing for their products.



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