Amazing Entry-Level Jobs That Will Change Your Life

Amazing Entry-Level Jobs That Will Change Your Life

In a world where self-confidence seems to be forever hanging on the cliff edge of life, nothing has the ability to crush your self-worth more than a quick scroll through an online job board. It’s not just the convoluted jargon these businesses use, nor is it the fact nothing seems to grab you by the intrigue and shake some excitement into your nerves – it’s the fact every single job seems to require an extensive portfolio of jobs and experiences. That is to say: dream careers always seem to feel out of reach.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just graduating college and looking to land your first job or you’ve got twelve years of service under your belt but loathe what you do and crave a drastic change – trying to get a dreamy entry-level job is a task so tough it makes Frodo’s march on Mordor look like a trip to the corner shop.

So, in an attempt to keep your spirits riding high and your self-esteem feeling indestructible, we’ve delved into the internet to bring you a list of entry-level jobs that are bursting with immediate opportunity and masses of growth potential. Enjoy.

Massage Therapist

The most common thing people complain about when it comes to their professional lives is the amount of stress associated with their role, so imagine how nice it must be to have a job where your main objective is to create a stress-free environment. It’s what makes being a massage therapist one of the most relaxing jobs out there. What’s more, after achieving your certification, you can expect to make around $51,000 once you’ve established a clientele.


You would think an optometrist would need to be super smart, and they do. Knowing all about eyes is the aim of the game here but, once you’ve finished studying and got your grades, you’re surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that make the job a whole lot easier. It’s basically just a matter of getting patients to read scrambled letters that get smaller and smaller, have them try on lots of different lenses and then say which ones are the clearest. And, in return, you can make about $125,000.

Personal Trainer

What could be more rewarding than getting paid to workout and know which workout routines are most effective, whether the client wants to achieve weight loss or build muscle mass. That means you get paid to look good, something that will naturally build your Insta-following and, who knows, maybe open up a world of opportunities. Of course, to get started you need to pass certain fitness courses, but then it just becomes a matter of handing over a fitness regime, helping people understand the importance of diet and keep them exercising regularly. Simple.

Flight Attendant

If you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug and can handle flying on planes a lot, then becoming a flight attendant could be your ticket to a salary in excess of $56,000. Sure, you may have to handle some tired fliers on occasion or put-up with spoilt business class people, but it’s mainly just about being polite, showing people how to buckle their seatbelts, offering them peanuts, and enjoying the world.


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