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All You need to Speed Up Your Bakery Business

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Bakeries are some of the oldest types of shops there are. Since the dawn of civilization, people have relied on them for a fresh break in the morning, cuts of fresh and cured meats in pies and pastries, and of course the desserts for all the sweet tooth lovers.

More and more consumers are looking for something a little more artisan. They want unique products, but they don’t want to have to wait for them. This throws up a conundrum for independent small business bakeries. They have to keep the ingenuity of the cool, experimental artist baker but make sure their production is efficient and swift as the massive franchise chains.

Running a bakery should be about creating food that people love and not fussing over how you’re going to get your products to them. So, therefore, you need equipment that’s going to work as fast as you do, to keep up with the demand.

Fresh batches in batches

Usually, a small business will be just that, small. You more than likely won’t have a lot of room in your shop as you need to make sure you have enough room for your customers to line up, space to showcase all your products, and enough room for the cashiers and bakers to operate behind that all. The issue is, you need to bake several different products at the same time. Consider buying an industrial multi-deck baking oven. This is going to not only speed up production but allows you to keep all your best items always stocked. For example, you want to make sure you have enough apple turnovers at all times, but you’re running out of bread and perhaps croissant, you can put each of the baked goods on their own deck, cooking at their own temperature. Also since the inside is either ceramic or stone, you can regulate the temperatures and have direct heat conduction.

air compressors

By-hand production line

Once you take the baked goods out of the oven, you next have to put on the finishing touches. Buying great equipment for the workstations that your employees will use is just as important as any other aspect of your business. Supply them with efficient and fast-working equipment that shaves down the time they take to dress the products up and present them to the customers.

Air compressors are used for food filling. You can load up a food filling gun with fresh dairy cream or melted chocolate, for example, hook the air compressor up and fill your donuts up quickly. The alternative would be to handpipe them costing you considerable time. Industrial dough mixers are something you’ll need to keep the basics always on track and plentiful. These mixers do large loads of flour and yeast mixing which you will need to do perhaps every single morning before you open up for business. An electronic moulder is very useful also as it can flatten a piece of dough to the exact measurement you want it. This highly useful for artisan bread such as ciabatta and baguettes.

Opening up a bakery is one of the best kinds of businesses in the world. It’s exciting and totally your canvas to make and bake products of your heart’s content. Just remember that although you may be unique because you’re small, you need to keep up with customer demand.



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