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A Sustainable Wardrobe for Your Toddler: 5 Tips for Parents

sustainable wardrobe
The journey to zero-waste can be extremely long (especially when you are caring for a toddler!), you can just start small and implement small changes along the way. Get started by rethinking your little one’s wardrobe!

As a new parent, you might have encountered a sustainable baby movement. Joining such trends can be life-changing and extremely positive for the environment. However, in between sleepless nights, strolls at the park, and little daily emergencies, we might struggle to make sustainability a priority. 

While there is nothing to feel guilty about, it is important to consider what habit changes we can implement to reduce the amount of wastage and our impact on the environment. While the journey to zero-waste can be extremely long (especially when you are caring for a toddler!), you can just start small and implement small changes along the way. Get started by rethinking your little one’s wardrobe!

Opt for Second-Hand Clothing

If you have had your little one for a few weeks, you know how fast toddlers can grow! Buying new clothes and shoes can be extremely challenging and costly, especially as they are bound to grow out of them in a matter of weeks! 

So, the first step to limiting this type of waste is choosing second-hand or hand-me-down clothes. We all have at least some cousins, aunties, siblings, or nieces that have already had a baby, and they are stuck with their older clothes. 

Consider asking them if there is something they are happy to pass on to you. If these clothes have been handed down for a while, the chances are that they might be out of style. However, you can just add some accessories and give your little one the perfect (vintage) look!

Get Unisex Baby Clothes

As effective as passing down clothing might be at cutting waste, that only works if you have friends or family with older children of the same gender. If you have a son and a daughter, then you mightn’t be able to pass anything down. Unisex clothing can be an option for this.

These clothes can be much more stylish and appealing than you’d think, especially for younger children. If you get unisex baby clothes, then you can pass them down to your second or third child with ease. That’ll not only make passing down clothes much easier, but it removes much of the waste.

You’ll need to make sure that everything is still high-quality enough, however. Having a look through older clothes can be helpful. You could even preemptively throw out clothes you know you wouldn’t need while keeping ones that might come in handy.

There are multiple other benefits to unisex baby clothes. If you’re buying for your first child, then you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from. You also shouldn’t have to worry about getting the wrong colour clothes, especially if you don’t want to know the gender of a baby before they’re born.

With toddlers, unisex clothing can be just as recommended, especially if you can take advantage of second-hand or passed-down clothes. That should remove any waste while making your toddler’s wardrobe much more sustainable.

The colour of the clothes themselves can also make a significant difference. Your toddler may prefer more gender-neutral or unisex colours, which would make these clothes more recommended.

Pick Long-Lasting Designs

When you decide to buy some pieces of clothing for your little ones, it is important to make clever choices. Of course, when entering baby clothing shops, it is impossible to resist all the cute items and garments out there. 

However, it is paramount to pick items that will stand the test of time and style for months to come. For example, outfits such as baby and toddler streetwear won’t go out of style or feel outdated. 

Buy High-Quality Pieces

Buying high-quality pieces for your little ones is the key to making conscious choices. Indeed, fast fashion, and the problems it has been creating for the environment, has overtaken several aspects of our lives. 

Today, we all try to buy cheap clothes, especially when it comes down to buying baby and pregnancy clothes. Instead, opt to buy a few high-quality items. For example, loose-fit pieces and items that can be adapted to meet the needs of your growing baby can last you for months and help you reduce waste.

Learn About a Brand’s Sustainability

Before committing to a purchase, it is crucial to learn more about the brand you are choosing. Make sure you visit the company’s website and understand how their products are created. This will offer you valuable insights into the materials used and the conditions in which their employees are working. 

Care and Repair

Lastly, try to limit your waste by mending and repairing old clothing items! Babies and toddlers will be playing around and on the floor most of the time, so it is not uncommon for pieces of clothing to become used and ripped. Mend them and give them a new life or repurpose-them by transforming them into cleaning cloths. 



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