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A Maintained Home Is One That Never Ages

well maintained home

There’s something about things that are eternal that attract us. Maybe it’s because we have a fear of our mortality so we want things that are forever. The home is the most vivid example of this. We want to make the home in our image, live among decor that speaks to our heart and soul and feels totally at ease with who we are. The trouble is, our homes are semi-immortal. If humanity vanished off the face of the earth, our homes would stay as they are but they would decay and wither. The character of our home would be lost, despite looking and feeling the same. That’s why a maintained home is one that will never age. Here’s how you can keep your home trapped in time. 

The relentless enemy

Take stock of your house from the outside and observe it’s lines and creases. Where can you see piles of leaves and dirt forming? Can you see dry marks on the roof where the rain runs off or pools? The relentless enemy that is trying to beat up your home, is mother nature herself. The best place to start maintaining your home is from the exterior because this is where the biggest challenges lie. Does rainwater run off the roof and splash on the ground? This is going to cause very noticeable erosion as water and velocity make for a very subtle but effective force. Leaves will rot and anything that rots is acidic. Sweep away the leaves from your foundations and brick, the walls will begin to stain and have little holes bore into them thanks to rotting vegetation lying around your home.

The appliance mission

Of all the things that get used the most, kitchen appliances are right up there on the list of things that need to be maintained. To de-ice your freezer, turn it off for a couple of days and allow the ice inside to fully melt. Large hard ice blocks from underneath each drawer making it hard to store items in the fridge. There’s no use using a knife or chisel to whack the ice off as you’ll just make a mess and could damage your fridge in the process. Your washing machine is the one appliance that experiences the most pressure. It’s naturally an appliance that suffers from high wear and tears. Don’t allow it to malfunction due to parts not being replaced every year or so, go onto where you can find all kinds of spare parts. If you have a Samsung top-fill washing machine, there are pressure sensors, motor drains and clutches to name a few things. 

Beneath your feet

Areas rugs are one of the few items in your home that you need to dry beat. It’s not wise to clean your rugs in the washing machine as they will more than likely shrink. Dry beating the rugs over a few days in the summer is the best option. 

We will age but our homes don’t have to. You can still live in the quality of home in your 50s as you did in your 20s if you just maintain all areas of the interior and exterior of your home. 



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