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A Logical Extension: Building An Amazing Conservatory

A Logical Extension: Building An Amazing Conservatory

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, then this is, in many ways, the icing on the cake of a dream home. A conservatory let’s light in, provides a quiet space away from the rest of the house, and is an extra room where you can host social gatherings. But what about those people who haven’t got one? If you are considering adding a conservatory to your home, it’s a very effective way of extending to your property, without it taking years to complete. So what does it take to build an amazing conservatory?

Identify The Purpose First

You might want to use the conservatory as a logical extension to the house, but you may want it to be an extra bedroom. In which case, the design will change completely. If you were to turn it into an extra bedroom, would you want the space completely floor to ceiling in large windows? On the other hand, if it’s an extension to your kitchen or dining room, maybe large glass is on the agenda. A lot of people use the conservatory as a dining room because they don’t have one in the first place. By deciding on the reasons for your conservatory, you can then think about the style and design to best suit its purpose.

Choosing Your Style

It’s tempting to go for something completely different to the rest of your home, and while many conservatories look like another world, stylistically, in comparison to the rest of your house, do you want the conservatory to be a logical extension to your home? If so, either consider updating your entire home at the same time, or naturally embodying that feel in the conservatory. A lot of homes have a very cozy feel, and if you want to make the conservatory a logical extension of that style, then you could add homelier touches. Maybe floral fabrics or a simple sofa could provide that feeling.

Picking The Furnishings

The furnishings will say a lot about space. Ultimately depends on the purpose, but when you are looking to create a style that is a logical extension to the house, especially if you’ve got a very cozy atmosphere, then this will lend itself well to pieces like a freestanding fireplace or a log fire. Of course, the furnishings need to be practical, especially as the conservatory will get cold in the winter months. But this is where a good quality rug will tie the space together. Also, the curtains and the lighting will say a lot about the space, especially if you want it to be a place for peace and quiet. In which case, frosted windows could provide that extra bit of privacy.

A conservatory works as an extension to the home in a practical sense, but it’s also the one place that people can go to by themselves. It tends to be the one room in the house that gets the most light, and when you are building an amazing conservatory, it’s not just a way to add some value to the home, but it’s got to be an extension of the aesthetics of your house as it stands.



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