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8 of the Best Storage Solutions for Your Home

Home storage ideas

Is there such a thing as too much storage?

Houses overwhelmed with clutter can be chaotic. Throw kids into the mix and it can feel impossible to have an organised home.

Clutter chaos can lead to problems with sleeping, family tension and anxiety. Fortunately, smart storage (and a little creativity) goes a long way towards making a space feel bigger, cleaner and better organised.

If you have kids, or if each new house you move into seems like a tighter squeeze than the last, it’s time to come up with better storage solutions.

Here are the best and most effective storage ideas for your home.

1. Hang Fruit and Veggies in Baskets

Hanging baskets look great in the garden, so why not in the kitchen?

To clear the kitchen counter or make room in the fridge, hang fruit and veggies in baskets. They’ll free up bench space, save some of your produce (no need to place in the fridge) and make a creative design addition to the kitchen.

2. Beds with Built-in Storage

Under the bed has always been an effective storage spot, but it’s easy for it to turn from storage to shambles.

Instead, use beds with built-in storage to avoid a disorganised dusty mess. You can get creative and make your own storage carts with wheels and lid (ideal for tight budgets), or purchase beds that have under-the-bed drawers.

The same concept can be also be used in the living room.

Hidden-storage coffee tables keep your living room clutter-free, look stylish and come in many shapes, colours and materials to suit all spaces.

3. Document and Mini Storages Boxes

If you’re fridge front is cluttered with bills or there’s paperwork left lying around, document boxes offer a good storage solution.

These can be stored on top of the fridge, if you’ve got space, and are useful for cards and other important documents.

Mini storage boxes and drawer dividers are also a smart option for organising your belongings.  Clean up bathroom cabinets, create more space in the kitchen or manage toys in the kid’s rooms. Cubbies units will be your best friend too – especially if you have kids. These cube storage systems are a stylish and handy way to stash everyday clutter, toys, shoes or other items. Use them in the laundry, bedrooms, living room and s entry hall.

To make sure they don’t look cluttered, add in some baskets

4. Modular Built-in Shelves

Take advantage of wall-to-wall and wall-to-floor space with built-in shelves.

Modular built-ins offer design and storage flexibility because they’re adaptable as needs change. They’re made up of different sized storage units and can be customised with hanging clothes racks and shelf combos.

5. Window Seat Storage

If the height of the room is not suitable for storage, make use of the room’s footprint with storage benches.

Discreet cupboards or drawers under window seats can turn awkward spaces into useful places for belongings. Add cushions to the top of the window seat for a comfy chill out spot.

6. Roof Storage

Storage solutions can extend above the house as well.

Whether there’s roof storage room above the garage or you take advantage of the space inside the roof, it’s a handy spot for storing items you don’t often use.

Although attics are better for roof space access, you don’t need to completely convert it to benefit. However, if you’re up for a DIY job, converting the inside roof space to an attic can offer plenty of extra room for families. Grab a step ladder and use the man hole to access your roof space and store items such as light mattresses to suitcases, boxes, guitar cases or additional storage boxes.

7. Put Spice Racks in the Kid’s Rooms

Spice racks make a handy storage unit for books.

It’s also an easy and affordable DIY idea. Purchase basic spice racks and create outward facing book shelves for kid’s rooms or a home office. You’ll only need a few supplies.

Tip: Whilst you’re organising the kid’s bedrooms, make use of forgotten bottom bunks. When kid’s graduate from shared rooms, unused bunk beds can be turned into storage to clear toys from the centre of the room.  

8. Hire a Storage Unit

If your space is too small for these storage solutions, why not consider external storage?

Depending on whether you need regular access to your belongings, there are several external storage hire options. Container storage is ideal for packing and storing large household items between moves or long term.

For small amounts of furniture or smaller household items module storage could be a good option for both short or long-term storage requirements. However, you will not have constant access to your goods with this method.

If you want regular access to your property, consider self-storage units. These are available in sizes starting from 1x1m up to 7x3m squared and larger for bigger items.

The benefits of these external storage units include:

  • Reduces clutter which can lead to increased health benefits
  • Clean and secure to protect your belongings
  • Can be used as emergency storage, in case of a home fire
  • Storage solution for archives or home office storage
  • Convenient and flexible to use, with 24/7 access

Creating an organised and clutter-free home shouldn’t have to be hard. What are your favourite storage solutions? Share in the comments below.

Author Bio 

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who recommends Adlam Transport – Perth Removals and Storage specialists operating WA-wide since 1996. Catch her on LinkedIn.  




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