6 Home Improvements for Your Best Friend

cat and dog together

You can instantly tell whether someone owns a cat or dog as soon as you enter their house. There are likely toys scattered across the house, food and water bowls in the kitchen and fur covering the carpet and couches. Throw in the paw-print welcome mat and it just screams pet lover.

Animals bring so much joy and happiness into our lives that we can often take them for granted. Perhaps you just got a new pet and home after getting married by a local Perth marriage celebrant. So, why not give back to your little balls of fluff with some DIY home improvements to increase their quality of life.

·        Build an Enclosure

Letting your pets roam outside the house can pose a potential risk to their health and wellbeing. Building a cat/dog enclosure, however, is a wonderful way to allow them to enjoy the outdoor sun and air while keeping them safe from harm.

Building a small enclosure is a great DIY task for the weekend. However, if you’re planning to build a larger enclosure it’s important to remember there might be laws in your area that restrict the size and location. It may be worth getting in contact with a professional to get a better understanding of what you can and can’t do when building an enclosure.

Another factor to consider is the security of your home. Pet doors can be inserted into any good security screen doors to allow your four-legged friend easy access in and out without compromising on security.

·        Pet-Friendly Landscape

Just like children, our furry friends can get up to some serious mischief around the house and in the backyard. That’s why it’s important to go aroundand make sure you have a pet-friendly landscape, inside and out.

When looking around your backyard, make sure you don’t have any plants that are toxic to dogs. Ensure your fences are secure and you have adequate fencing around your pool area or any areas that may be a danger to your pets.

pet friendly landscape plants gardening

·        Pet Shower

Pets are known to get quite dirty when playing in the backyard or down at the local park. While some animals might not mind a bit of water, others are profoundly not fond of getting wet. If you’ve got some spare space in your laundry or backyard, building a purpose-build pet shower is a perfect way to make the cleaning process as easy as possible.

·        Cat Wall

Cat walls are a great space-friendly way to improve the life of your favourite pet. The best part is you can get creative and build a customised wall using anything you can think of. This will keep your cat occupied for hours while you’re at work or away from home.

dog sleeping on comfy pillow

·        Built-in Bed

Do you have a small area of space that’s not being utilised?

Use it to create a unique built-in bed for your cat or dog to relax in while you’re away from home. Animals love a place to rest after a long day exploring and playing, and having their own little hideout will give them an increased happiness and feeling of security.

·        Toys Galore

If you’re not home during the day, it’s vital that your four-legged friends have ample toys to play with to keep them busy and mentally stimulated. Unfortunately, toys usually don’t last too long, especially if your pets like to cause a mess and destroy every toy in sight. A smart money saving tip is to look at some ways you can create your own toys using old belongings.

When making improvements to your home, it can cause quite a mess which could be hazardous to your furry friends.  Make sure you put in some safety measures to keep your pets safe while working on home improvements.

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This article is written by Alexander Hamilton, who recommends Central Screens and Locks – Providers of security screen doors for your furry friends. You can catch him on Google+.