5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Patio Space This Year

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Outdoor patios make for an amazing location to entertain your family, friends and guests. They shade you from the harsh Aussie sun in summer and keep you dry from rain during the cold winters. There’s no doubt we have a loving relationship to our backyard patios here in Australia.

Inviting your guests over for a big cook up, a few drinks under the stars or simply a long awaited catch up is a great way to show off your home and outdoor entertainment area. Having a patio to provide cover and style to your backyard will be sure to impress your guests and make for a more extravagant and enjoyable get-together.

If you’re looking to have a new patio built and installed in your backyard, it’s important to make sure you will get the most out of it all year long. Will your patio be usable during the wet and windy winters? Does it provide adequate shade, even when the sun is rising and setting? Can you access your outdoor patio area from your home or would you need to run through the rain to get to it?

If you’re planning to have an outdoor patio installed, here are 5 ways to get the most out of your all year long:

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Patio Space This Year

1.      A Patio to Suit All Seasons

When building a new or improve an existing patio, it’s important to ensure your outdoor patio is well suited for all seasons, year-round. Does it provide cover from the rain? Is there adequate shading, especially eastern and western directions to shade from the sun rise and set? These considerations will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your luxury patio all year long.

It’s also vital to consider heating and cooling options in your patio as well, as most standard models come with no or very limited climate control options.

·         Cooling in Summer

Some luxury patios may come with a ceiling fan installed, which is a great way to provide cooling in summer. Installing misters, shade sails and retractable awnings will also help to provide shade and cooling for your guests during the warmer months.

·         Heating in Winter

Winter can often get quite cold and most families may opt to stay in their heated home rather than enjoy outside. With a few heating appliances, such as patio heaters or an outdoor fireplace matched with some outdoor patio blinds to keep the warmth in, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio no matter the weather.

2.      Bring Your Patio to Life with Greenery

Greenery helps improve the ambience of your outdoor patio area and make it more appealing to your family and guests. Assess your outdoor area and consider what landscaping jobs you could carry out to improve the area.

Garden beds around your patio will make it look beautiful and natural while being a great spot to grow some local herbs and spices for cooking. Hanging patio gardens are also very popular at the moment, attaching to the pillars, walls or roof of your patio.

3.      Install an Outdoor Kitchen

There are so many options when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. Barbecues, pizza ovens, stove-tops, grills, rotisseries, the list goes on. Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to interact with your guests while cooking up a storm. It also comes in mighty handy for public holidays such as Australia Day, allowing you to take the classic Aussie BBQ to the next level.

4.      Make It an Extension of Your Home

By building your patio as an extension of your home, you not only increase the flow of your home, your living areas will also feel a lot more open and spacious. Installing bi-fold doors to connect the home and patio area and it will open right up, perfect for entertaining guests.

This also helps improve the climate control in your patio. By enclosing your patio with retractable blinds and having the patio built as an extension of your home, the heating and cooling from your home can flow through to the outdoor area.

5.      Choose Furniture Wisely

When it comes to outdoor furniture, it’s important to take your time and pick wisely. The materials used in outdoor furniture needs to be strong and durable. Look for fade resistant and waterproof fabrics to ensure its longevity during all seasons.

Creating built-in furniture using wood, bricks and cement also works great and is super durable, lasting outdoors for tens of years. Just be careful to properly plan out your area before installing built-in furniture as it will be very difficult and expensive to change should you change your mind.

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This article is written by Alex Hamilton, on behalf of Great Aussie Patios – Specialists patio builders for year-round living. You can catch Alex on Google+.