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5 IT Predictions to Keep Your Eye on in 2018


Information technology (IT) is one of the fastest moving industries. From cloud computing to digital transformation, mobile web performance and The Internet of Things, businesses rely on these tech advancements to change the way they do business and drive growth and success. To evolve with the latest trends, business owners, regardless of how small, must keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to changes.

This year brings with it some big IT predictions that business owners can use to accomplish their 2018 goals. These changes, along with investing in the right IT support for your small business needs, encourage you to be more productive, respond to market changes faster and make better-informed decisions. Here are a few to keep your eye on this year:

1. Half of IT Spending will be Cloud-Based

Cloud computing is no longer being looked at solely as a tool. Now, business owners have shifted their focus to use the Cloud as a way to meet their business objectives and accomplish goals more efficiently.  In 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure. It’s also predicted that throughout 2018, the cloud will be the preferred delivery mechanism for analytics. To cater for this increase in use, cloud storage capacity will also expand and security will be boosted (as more security challenges will arise too).

2. Data Management Technologies Become More Essential

Businesses rely on data management technologies for reach and effectiveness – the essential ingredients for any successful digital marketing campaign. Big data is a big business, and one that small businesses can easily reap the benefits of. This year, big data and the use of data management technologies are going to continue to rise in importance. These changes will equip business owners better in how to gain conversions from digital connections, with improved measurability, ROI and speed of impact.everyday

3. Web Performance Increases

The need for mobile-friendly platforms has been important now for quite some time. This year, however, the trend for mobile-first to mobile-only will only increase. Users expect exceptional performance from their mobile devices – especially business owners who rely on them to attend to business essentials on the go too. We all know that Google prefers websites which are optimised for mobile, which has shifted mobile platforms to become the de facto management system for IoT devices (The Internet of Things). This development isn’t instant though, but one that will continue to develop over time and see many transitions into mobile platform development starting in 2018.

4. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of every day devices, like computers and smartphones, to the Internet. In 2017, IoT played a vital role in the tech community and 2018 sees an even bigger growth. Innovations in cloud computing and real-time data analytics are set to push IoT to new heights in 2018 and will continue to rely on data processes, machine to machine communications and how we interact with everything in our environment.

These advancements will provide businesses with more insight into how consumers relate to their products or services, with the health and retail industries seeing the biggest growth initially. IoT is one of the biggest trends for 2018 and will enhance all areas of our lives – not just work, including our homes, cars and leisure lives too. By 2020, it’s predicted that IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs.

5. 2018: The Year of Bots

When we call to confirm our bank balances or set up mobile devices, we have gotten used to speaking with bots. This year, the natural language of everyday bots will develop, as we rely on these automated customer service agents to attend to our enquiries and provide us with valuable information. These bots will become part of daily living and will be used across the board in our homes and places of work. Whether they’re there to remind you that your parking expires in 5 minutes or act as a financial advisor, businesses will likely spend more money on creating chatbots in 2018 than on mobile phone apps to better serve their customers.

2018 has some big IT changes, with many of them already underway. Which ones will you be embracing for your small business this year?



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