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5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Support

5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Support

Going green.  We hear it everywhere. And that’s good.  We need to hear this information and use it to not only become environmentally conscious in our own everyday lives, but to support corporations and businesses who are doing big things to help our planet as well.

Here are a few brands that are having a positive impact on our environment and building a very successful business in the process.


Rothys environmentally friendly shoes
Rothys environmentally friendly shoes

Another shoe company with a focus on helping the environment. Try a pair of recycled water bottle shoes from Rothy’s.   Since its start in 2016, this San Francisco based company has diverted 10 million plastic bottles from landfills.  Not too shabby!  The shoes are simple, comfortable (you can easily wear them all day), and super cute to boot!  They have 3 styles of flat shoes to choose from, suitable for work and play.  They are machine washable and made to dry quickly.  Your feet will love them!


patagonia environmentally friendly

Patagonia, an outdoor activewear company, has a corporate philosophy: “100% For the Planet”.  They admit they aren’t 100% perfect in this (is anyone?), but they work toward improving their efforts in being green. They have built repair centers around the world to ensure that their products last a long time (and reduce their carbon footprint). They have supported start up environmental groups dedicated to bettering our planet by pledging $10 million from their 2016 Black Friday sales. They are committed to improving their processes, such as not being so dependent on fossil fuels (which they use in production of their coats and contributes to climate change).  They make outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, snow gear and more.  Try some out on your next adventure!

Seventh Generation

seventh generation
seventh generation

It’s not all clothes and shoes.  Seventh Generation is a company that sells eco-friendly cleaning products.  By creating products that are free of harmful toxins and chemicals, they are awesome for both the environment and our health.  None of us want to expose our families to chemicals that could be harmful, and Seventh Generation gives us a cleaner, safer option.  This company has earned some high praise, topping the Forbes’ annual “Best for the Environment” list.  Can’t beat that!


apple environmentally friendly

Yep, you read that right.  Apple, the huge technology company.  While they probably aren’t even on your radar when you hear the term “eco-friendly” (mostly because they don’t really advertise themselves as such), they most certainly are contributing to a better Earth.    A few years ago they signed a deal with First Solar, the largest developer of solar farms in the US, for almost $1 billion.  Apple uses this solar technology to power all of its California offices, data centers, headquarters, and stores.   This deal has made history for being the largest solar procurement deal (for a non-utility company).  Another way they are green?  99% of their paper packaging is recycled or sustainable. 


lush cosmetics
lush cosmetics

If you’re into looking good, smelling good, and saving our planet, you need to check out a Lush Cosmetics store.  They make all-natural shampoos, fragrances, makeup, massage bars and bath bombs.   Their products are handmade, 100% vegetarian, and made with absolutely zero animal testing.  They also offer great ways to save on packaging waste, like selling their solid shampoo bars and offering free products to customers who bring in empty product packaging to recycle.  Pretty good ideas!

So, the next time you’re shopping for some new shoes, a new coat, makeup, cleaning products, or even a new computer, consider supporting some of these companies.  They are doing their part to make our world a better place, so why not invest in them a little to keep them going strong!



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