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4 Sneaky Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

4 Sneaky Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

Building a strong brand is one of the most important parts of every company’s marketing strategy. Creating a brand that is instantly recognisable means that you’ll stick in customer’s minds and they’ll think of you first when they need to buy something. There are some obvious ways of building a strong brand like using social media and posting billboards but if you really want your marketing strategy to work, you’ll need to come at it from all angles and think outside the box. These are some of the best tricks for building a strong brand.

Work Uniforms

Work uniforms are great for businesses. They let the customer know which people are the employees, inspire a better teamwork attitude amongst staff and even increase security in the workplace. On top of all that, they can help you to build brand recognition in the local area. When your employees are travelling to and from work or going out to get food on their lunch break and they’re wearing personalised t shirts with the company logo on it, they’re essentially walking billboards advertising your company wherever they go.

Car Wraps

Having your logo on uniforms that staff are wearing out and about is good but you can take it a step further with car wraps. If you and your employees are driving around in cars covered with your logo and branding, thousands of people will be seeing it on a daily basis. People often don’t realize just how many people they’ll be reaching with a car wrap but if you think about how many cars you pass each day, you’ll realize that it soon adds up. If you’re offering company cars to your employees, consider putting a car wrap on there. It’s cheap to do and the marketing benefits are huge.

Referral Schemes

Referral schemes are a great way to get your customers to do the work for you. Everybody loves to get something for free so if you offer them an incentive to refer their friends to your website, you’ll get a load of new visitors. You could use a points system, offer a free small gift or even a cash incentive to existing customers if they get a friend to sign up for your website or email list. It’s an incredibly cost effective way of improving your brand because it’s a lot cheaper to offer a small gift than it is to pay for expensive advertising and you’ll be getting your existing customers to find new ones for you, rather than taking up your employee’s time.

Free Stuff

Giving away free stuff is an easy way to get people to look at your logo on a daily basis. If you cover pens, bottle openers and keyrings with your logo and hand them out for free, people will be constantly looking at your logo without even realising it. It takes a bit of investment but if you buy in bulk, you can get some good deals and the brand awareness will be worth it.

Use these sneaky branding tricks and you can carve out a place as the leading influencer in your industry.



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