3 Simple Ways To Perfect Your Skincare Regime

3 Simple Ways To Perfect Your Skincare Regime

It can be a challenging time for people when they are confronted with the prospect of self-isolation or maintaining social distancing, especially with regards to your skincare regime. No longer can you hug your loved ones or venture to your favourite restaurant to eat out. Instead, you will be a home bunny, either by a fault or by design, meaning that you have to endure long periods in your humble abode. This can lead to your body and mind having some strange reactions to this new normal. You may need to reconsider your skincare regime to combat the new effects that your face or hands are experiencing. Washing your hands so often because of the ever-constant threat of coronavirus can mean dry or chapped skin. Your face may become oily or dry, depending on your hormones or the humidity levels in your home. Read on to discover three simple ways to perfect your skincare regime.

Check Your Skin Type

Don’t use a moisturizer specifically for greasy pores if your skin is flaky and dry. Your face needs a bespoke set of products to limit the flaws. If your skin is looking red around the brows and you are experiencing flaking on the cheeks, go for a cream for dry skin that can be easily absorbed. If you have sensitive skin, ensure that opt for a cream that is irritant-free and doesn’t contain lanolin. If you have an oily visage, go for a thinner moisturiser that can instantly relieve that greasy glow you despise. After creaming your skin, always allow it to breathe. Don’t apply makeup immediately and never apply too many products all at once.

Moisturise Before Bed

While you may have a sound skincare regimen in the morning when you wake up, you can’t forget about your pre-bed routine. Many people brush their teeth and hit the sack. However, you should consider a slow-releasing anti-ageing cream for your face. This can moisturise your skin, tighten your pores, and leave your face feeling soft and silky. Alongside an evening exfoliation, you can head to bed safe in the knowledge that your skin is free from dirt, irritants, and stays clean. Exfoliating can give your skin a much-needed boost and leave you with a natural glow when you wake up in the morning.


While you might have a busy life meaning that you forget to drink or eat, even when working from home, you need to take greater care when thinking what to put into your body. You must keep your body hydrated. Drink eight glasses of water a day to maintain a fresh and hydrated visage. A lack of hydration can lead to your skin looking dull and feeling like it lacks elasticity. To combat this, you must give your skin a boost through applying hydrating micellar water. At the same time, you need to forego the sugary or fatty foods that can lead to breakouts and opt for healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean meats, to contribute to your skin health.

Follow this simple guide, and you can employ three simple strategies to help perfect your skincare regime.


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