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3 Quick Ways To Add Some Value To Your Home

3 Quick Ways To Add Some Value To Your Home
value to your home, while making it look great.

Australians LOVE our homes. As a nation of warmhearted and hospitable peoples, our homes feature centrally in our social lives and as a proud nation, we also spend a lot of time renovating, decorating and upgrading our palaces too. Now, if you’re not one of the lucky types that have decorators on call, here are 3 easy ways to instantly add some value to your home, while making it look great.


Before we go inside and make a few changes there, let’s start with the exterior of your home.  It makes sense on so many levels to make sure that your home is painted, and painted well. If you have the skills to do it yourself then that’s great, but if you’re not really the handy type, investing in a professional painter to do it for you will deliver way more than the costs later on.  Some estimates say that just having a professional paint job could increase the resale value of your home by a few thousand dollars, so is it worth it?  Absolutely.


Quality roofing is at the top end of budget planning when it comes to home improvements but it’s still worth mentioning.  It seems counter-productive to money-saving hacks as far as your home is concerned, but you could reap some serious benefits from making sure that your homes roof is repaired where needed and that you have decent quality paint on your tiles if you have them and that wooden roofs are “treated” and maintained correctly.  Depending on the state of your roof, you may need more extensive work and so this is something that should feature in your future and ongoing financial planning.  It may even be worth it to completely redo your roof and your local conditions are going to determine what that looks like or what would work best for your area.  This is when you start to appreciate how the climate has a massive impact on your home.  A roof that’s falling apart or not in good condition can also have massive impacts on the overall safety of your home.


Keeping your lawn in tip-top condition if you have one is one thing that should go without saying.  Like a blank canvas, your lawn sets the base for your garden and no matter how sleek or sexy the rest of your outdoor foliage is, with a shabby or unkempt lawn no one is going to even notice it.  It doesn’t matter if you have palatial grounds or just a regular-sized patch, some basic creativity and clever spatial reasoning can turn ordinary spaces into gardens that Babylon would envy.  Get inspired and get busy.

Sure it’s nice to add value to your home, but ultimately home improvement should also be about making your life and your family’s life as comfortable as possible and it’s an ongoing pursuit and when you start to love the space you’re in, you’ll start to love your life in it too.



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