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3 Engagement Trends We’re Totally On Board With

3 Engagement Trends We're Totally On Board With

Getting engaged is such a big moment in your life. Everyone thinks about the wedding day as the most important day ever, but the day of your engagement is almost as special. It’s the day where you and your partner realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with one another. Plus, there’s every chance it was a big surprise, and the memory will live long forever. 

Lately, people have taken a new approach to engagements. You used to just announce it to everyone, then send out thank you cards after you received gifts. Now, there are a few engagement trends that are totally worth looking into. 

Engagement ‘honeymoons’

It’s become popular for couples to jet off on a honeymoon of sorts after getting engaged. The question gets popped, you tell all your friends/family, and you celebrate in style with a trip away. It’s a really cute idea as you get to spend time away from all the buzz that’s happening at home. Getting engaged feels amazing, but it can be overwhelming dealing with all the congratulations – not to mention the endless questions about your wedding! It’ll be your first trip as fiance’s too, which makes it even more special. 

Engagement photos

No one thinks twice about the idea of wedding photos, but engagement photos are nowhere near as common. You want to celebrate this moment and make it live forever in your memory, right? Well, what better way to do that than with some photos. Companies like Bryce Noone Photography will offer engagement photos for happy couples. You can re-create the moment he/she popped the question, get some close-ups on the ring, and have a proper photoshoot. Then, you have these photos for life. It’s a beautiful way to remind you of this special moment many years down the line. 

Surprise engagement parties

Engagement parties aren’t a modern trend, they’ve been around for years. In fact, one of the first things you do when you get engaged is plan a party for everyone to come to. It’s a chance to bring friends & family together to celebrate this momentous occasion. But, one trend is to add a twist to this traditional idea and plan a surprise engagement party. In essence, you just plan a party for friends & family. It doesn’t even need to be a party, just try and get everyone together in the same place. Then, you spring the news on them. Announce your engagement and watch the shocked expressions form on everyone’s faces. It’s such a brilliant idea as nobody will see it coming. For me, it makes the engagement party even better than it used to be. 

If you’ve recently got engaged, and you want to mark this special time, then try some of these modern trends. You put so much effort into your wedding, so it only makes sense to put some effort into your engagement. I think it’s a special time in everyone’s life, so make it a moment you’ll remember forever. 



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