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25 days to a healthier me – Healthyroo’s 25 day weight loss program

25 Day Program Weight Losss

I made a commitment that I would do this Healthyroo Zest Slim 25 Day Weight Loss program to the letter. I have completely let myself go due to emotional eating for comfort when I am in pain, when I can’t sleep or when I am sad/angry, happy. It’s the punctuation mark to all my sentences.

Being in pain due to my arthritis triggers an eating response and while I am eating, I am not feeling the pain as much. I’ve also been working from home, so not as active as I was.

With this particular challenge, I have readers holding me accountable. My family needs me to be healthier. My orthopedic surgeon needs me healthy (at a good weight and strong) and happy (happy people heal better).The only 2 thinks I am not happy about in my life is a lack of fun-tickets and my pain.

Things have changed a little since I started this challenge, I was determined to not overeat this Christmas but I did, both on the days before and after. I think I may be heavier than I started. I was out of my routine, and didn’t know what to do with myself.

What is the Healthyroo Zest Slim 25 Day Weight Loss Program?

3 ZEST SLIM Jars for 25 days
3 ZEST SLIM Jars for 25 days $189

So what do I need to do each day?

25 Day Program Guidelines
25 Day Program Guidelines

The 25 day plate

25 Day Program Plate
25 Day Program Plate

Snacks I Can Have

Bounce Protein Balls
Bounce Protein Balls
  • 1 x Protein Ball
  • Handful of blueberries
  • 2x carrots with Hummus
  • Tuna on plain crackers
  • 1 x large fruit
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Handful of nuts
  • 1 x Hardboiled egg

Drinks I Can Have

  • Herbal Tea
  • Black coffee
  • Unsweetened Almond milk
  • Unsweetened Coconut milk
  • Coconut water
actually enjoying my espresso over the milky lattes I was used to having
actually enjoying my espresso over the milky lattes I was used to having

Follow the Golden Rules:

  1. Cut out added sugar
  2. Refrain from the booze (I don’t drink much so that’s not a biggie)
  3. Get 7+ hours of sleep (I actually need 8 hours )
  4. Drink 2 litres of water per day (this is where I struggle).
  5. Plan your meals one day in advance (I bought the Kayla Itsines 28 day bikini body which is full of recipes for my one meal of the day – lunch)

Journalling and Tracking

writing a journal is a way of remaining accountable. In my case it includesHealthyroo, the PR company, my husband and daughter and anyone who reads this.
writing a journal is a way of remaining accountable. In my case it includesHealthyroo, the PR company, my husband and daughter and anyone who reads this.

Monitoring weight and journalling is a great, and scientifically proven way to increase the likelihood of weight loss success. American Psychological Association )

  • Record your current weight (80.4 kg)
  • Take a before photo (not sharing until the end) 
  • Write down 3 reasons on why you want to do this program
  • Weigh yourself first thing in the morning and record it in your daily journal
  • After 25 days, take an after photo of the new you
  • If you are proud, share it on social media and don’t forget #zestslim #healthyroo

The Three Main Reasons I want to Lose Weight

  1. To feel better about the way I look and feel
  2. I am putting extra stress on my joints, so every 1 kg of lost weight is 4kg of pressure off my knees
  3. I want more energy and help over come my chronic fatigue.

There are just 2 things that are making my life stressful right now:

  • Money (I need to make some more)
  • My weight (I need to lose some)

So if I can increase my income and reduce my weight, 2018mlooks very bright indeed.

Journal Note

I’m writing in this diary some personal events as well because we don’t live in a vacuum. I am wanting to see how my eating is affected by my day to day events, self esteem and stress. I hope it is insightful to readers : )

Day 1


Depressingly 80.4kg – I knew it would be bad, but not this bad. Facing reality. Photos were confronting. I am fat. Not just “rounded” but actually fat.

Calulate you Body Mass Index Here...
Calculate you Body Mass Index Here…


Instead of having my beloved latte, brought to me in bed by my beautiful husband, each morning, I got up and had 300ml of warm water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, not loving drinking it, as it tastes awful, but apple cider vinegar is anecdotally said to have great health benefits…

I followed this up with the skim milk and Healthyroo Zest Slim Shake. I can’t say I love the flavour, but I sculled it down, and I now feel full but clear-headed, something I haven’t felt for a while. I think putting the computer down last night and reading for 30 minutes before sleeping was the reason.

I was planning on detoxing from coffee, but I am learning to love espresso with a teeny bit of skim so soften the bitterness.

Day 2

I had an event to go to that was a breakfast, so I swapped the main meal to breakfast and will do the shake lunch and dinner. The event was the TAL Insurance Skin Check Initiative where portable clinics offer free skin checks for skin cancer, for free and takes just 15 minutes. They will be setting these up across Australia. I was there on behalf of my Uncle Robbie who died last year from melanoma. If you want to read the story about Robbie and melanoma as well as the TAL initiative for early intervention of melanoma, you can find it here…

Screen Shot 2017 12 04 at 10.18.53 pm
down in Bondi with TAL SpotChecker kicking off a sun-safe summer! (source: instagram)

Felt hungry last night despite tea and water, so have a slice of cheese and a cracker so I wasn’t starving in bed. I’m getting used to not eating just.

My daughter’s report card came today and apart from match and science she is top 10, with firsts in PDHP (sport and personal development) and history and a 6th in English. She also got an academic award for personal effort. She’s chosen not to do maths or science for her HSC which is causing a rift between my husband and I. He did dreadfully in maths and science and it pulled down his HSC, but thinks she needs to do it. My attitude is why do it is you a. hate it and b. it will pull down her HSC mark? She’s doing 4 unit English, and that’s enough for all the uni’s and schools she wants to go to.

I went to an art show for Charlie’s year 10 art showcase and it as just wonderful. As someone who trained as a painter and thought about teaching art as a career, it was very nourishing for my soul. My daughter’s work is very special and her teachers love her.

dragged my sick and tired body out to my daughter's art showing and was so proud. Lovely to meet the other wonderful parents and their creative kids.
dragged my sick and tired body out to my daughter’s art showing and was so proud. Lovely to meet the other wonderful parents and their creative kids.

A ground of parents, teachers and the “kids” went to the Mosman Bowlo for drinks and dinner, but I refrained, drinking lime (real lime) and soda, and ignored the pizza and high fat and high carb snacks.

Weight in: 78.8kg

Day 3

OK so stuck to the program, couldn’t be bothered planning a proper lunch with protein so had cereal and milk and carrot, and frankly felt hungry all day as a result. Lesson learned, lunch is the most important time to get in my protein. On the scales was back up at 79.3kg so normal fluctuations. Feeling hungry tonight. Had 2 small meat balls as a snack, but I am still feeling hungry tonight. Will go to bed early, so I can get up early and not pig out at midnight.

I think as much as anything my “hunger” is actually emotional stuff that I am avoiding, but I’m not sure what that is, and having a back in spasm doesn’t help. It could be a pain response.

Weigh in: 79kg

Day 4

sliced carrots are something to do with my mouth that's not eating carb laden snacks
sliced carrots are something to do with my mouth that’s not eating carb laden snacks

So bloated today. I’m eating a boiled egg as a snack or a protein ball, making sure I have carrots and hommous trying to cut back on the evening. I think my body is still getting used to eating this way.  It’s not easier but doable if I find other things, not food, for comfort and pleasure. Had a lovely long bath tonight, was the first in ages and felt amazing. I just realised I’ve had my meals muddled up and I am supposed to be eating a meal at dinner, not lunch. Oops. This will make it easier I think.

Weight in: 79.8kg

Day 5

OK so the bloating has passed so to speak, and I am feeling a little better. I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my back, and had to take pain killers and a muscle relaxant to try to soothe the back. It’s related to an exchange of messages with my oldest friend who I had to let go because she won’t help herself and expects others to fund her lifestyle of drinking, smoking and refusing to get a job. I’m the opposite and have found the friendship draining, sad and exhausting. So I’ve gotten myself stressed out and it’s manifested itself in my back.

I went to the supermarket to load up on supplies: mineral water, tea, sugar-free hot chocolate, coffee pods, carrots, tahini, chickpeas, lemons, eggs and lastly flowers.

I bought the pale pink peonies to make myself feel better about the loss of my friend. The peony season is so short I want to make the most of it.

peonies to cheer myself up
peonies to cheer myself up

I’ve replaced diet soft drinks with water, lemon squeeze and a half a teaspoon of Stevia (a natural sweetener). I find having plain water all the time is a bit boring, so I use this as a replacement. I have also been drinking copious amounts of  tea. My favourites include the Bondi Beach Tea Co Bondi Slim Tea.

Bondi Beach Tea Co Slim Tea
Bondi Beach Tea Co Slim Tea

Di’s Hummus Recipe


  • Can of organic chickpeas (rinse to take out the canned smell)
  • 1/3 of a jar of organic tahini (better for you – more fibre)
  • Lemon juice to taste (I like my hommus lemony)
  • 1 small garlic clove (peeled and diced)
  • Olive oil (a good splash)
  • Water (a good splash and add more when blending if needed
  • Cumin (pinch)


Blend in a hand blender till smooth and add salt to taste. Keep refrigerated in a air sealed container, as it will make quite a bit and so much less expensive that bought versions.

I find if I chop the carrots into super thin diagonal ovals, it’s a bit like a chip shake and keeps my mouth occupied with chewing (carrots require a lot of chewing as I discovered driving my husband nuts having a midnight snack) and the hummus has the protein so I don’t get physically hungry.

I’m getting used to the flavour of the shakes. I might try with almond or low fat soy milk. They really do fill me up.

Weight check in: 78.9kg

Day 6

Sick in bed. Feel achy and flu-like with a dry cough, I don’t know what this is, but cannot drag myself out of bed. I told my clients, so a big day finishing stuff tomorrow, and slept for the day, apart from a quick trip to the supermarket to get protein balls and more tea (for variety). Felt dreadful and was relieved to get back into bed. Haven’t been ale to eat anything all day, except a few protein balls and some yoghurt with fruit and muesli. As I had a non-shake lunch I’ll do a shake for dinner and get back on track in the morning.

lunch wasn't exactly to plan
lunch wasn’t exactly to plan

At the end of the day I felt massively better after sleeping it off. Bought my daughter a Domino’s Pizza but not having it myself. Pizza is so calorie rich, I’d rather each other things, but it’s OK for an active teenager without a weight issue every now and then.

My husband has gone to Melbourne for his photography, so it’s just my daughter Charlie  and I for a few days, which I actually like from time to time. My husband has a big personality and so when he is away it’s quieter and less regimented. Charlie and I just do our own thing and relax. I miss him as I do love him, but a break is nice now and then.

Weight check in: 78.7kg (seems stuck here, maybe need to watch the snacking).

Day 7

I made it through a week!!!! I have not had sugar (knowingly), I’ve ditched the latte for an espresso, I’ve ditched the carb laden midnight snacks, I’ve drunk herbal tea in place of snacking mindlessly. I haven’t turned to food when upset.

Replaced 3 x lattes with 1 x espresso and 3 x herbal teas
Replaced 3 x lattes with 1 x espresso and 3 x herbal teas

Today I am feeling much better. Whatever I had has passed, and my energy levels are back and my nausea is gone. It could have been hormones (TTOM today) and I also addressed the main issue at home that was causing me anxiety. Conflict in the home is a real trigger for me.

I found the energy to vacuum, change the sheets, do the washing and do a shot for dinner. I bought some roses to congratulate myself on a week, and I stuck to my plan today, no extra snacks.

Even managed to congratulate myself with some Woolies roses for $15
Even managed to congratulate myself with some Woolies roses for $15

Work-wise my head was way clearer than it has been and I was able to finish some work that was weighing me down (so to speak) and got that to the client, and that client is happy. I need to do some social media on steroids to catch up on some other work, but I feel like an early-ish night and a good start can get it done.

I also put out a call for experts to help on a story on emotional and compulsive eating and have had such an incredible response I don’t know what to do. Maybe a series? It’s such a big issue and so many people struggle with it.

Made pesto to have in the fridge to pop onto crackers as a snack. Recipe below:

Di’s Easy Peezy Pesto

Make a big batch of pesto and give to friends in small, prettily packaged jars.
Make a big batch of pesto and give to friends in small, prettily packaged jars.


  • 1 average bunch of basil
  • 1 x small packet of pinenuts (toast if you want extra flavour)
  • Splash of olive oil, add as needed to desired texture
  • 1 x Garlic glove
  • 1/2 lemon squeezed
  • Handful of parmesan
  • Splash of water
  • Season to taste as you go

How to Make It

Using a food processor combine all the ingredients adding water, salt and oilive oil until you are happy with the texture and taste. Add other nuts such as walnuts or cashews for a chunkier texture. Don’t blend to a paste, leave a bit chunky. Pop in a sealed container and refrigerate.

Add pesto to wholemeal pasta, or even spiralised zucchini for quick and tasty dinner
Add pesto to wholemeal pasta, or even spiralised zucchini for quick and tasty dinner

So I’d call today a win. Seven days and counting.

Weight check: 79kg (stuck there! I blame TTOM).

Day 8

I’ve put off doing this entry. I completely blew today. My weigh in wass 79.5, and I got a bit down because the scales weren’t reflecting my efforts. I OD’ed on protein balls, crackers with pesto and the quiche I bought for dinner was anything but fat-free (delicious, but definitely creamy and cheesy). My husband then made pasta with my pesto and while inititally I was strong and said one dinner was enough, the smell made me say “just a small bowl”. So in effect, I had 2 dinners. I then snacked and snacked. I don’t know why. I feel terrible, and let meself and my efforts down, so I am going to regroup and get back on track. I still have 2/3 of the program left.

Day 9

Well the scales reflected my fall from the wagon. 81.9kg. Back to the start. So renewing my resolve, getting back on the wagon and will not let this setback get the better of me. It doesn’t help when my husband and daughter eat 2 dinners. I think I will go and get veggies today and stick with steamed veggies with lemon and seasoning for dinner for the next 16 days, one snack at 11am one at 3.30pm and a late night one at 9.30pm and get to be by 10pm so I don’t snack late at night. I’m also cutting out the sugar free hot chocolate, because it does have calories I don’t need.

Day 10

The scales are going back down again, under 80kg. I’ve been struggling with the snacking, emotional eating as I have been in a lot of back pain, head ache and knee pain. It’s all related to needing a new knee, and then I can exercise without pain. I’m on so many pills at the moment, to control the pain, using heat packs, anti inflammatory gel and anything that will help. I tried some stretches and the roller today, but nothing helped.

That’s when I turn to eating subconciously. I ended up having Special K with Fruits and Nuts and skim milk for dinner, as Mike wasn’t home and I couldn’t be bothered cooking. Oh and tried to do some yoga and stretching for my lower back.

It’s the tight hamstrings and glutes that I think are causing my lower back pain. That and 3 bulging or ruptured disks. As soon as I get my knee replacement I’m getting back into yoga. You know, when one thing in the body is out of whack, it throws off the entire balance. It’s cumulative.

Day 11

Woke up bright and early this morning, had my melon and water, then my shake and pain medication, showered for the Blonde Hair Rehab story I am writing, applied a heat pack to my lower back, and continuing the stories I have begun. Blogging is addictive. Even if no one reads this, at least I put it out there for other people a. trying to lose weight with injury and b. those who feel in pain and my strategies for dealing with pain, that don’t involve bingeing on Nutella and entire family blocks of Cadbury Hazelnut. I haven’t had chocolate for 11 days. It’s a good feeling. While I have only lost a small amount, it is a loss and it isn’t gaining, which I was doing rapidly before I started this Healthyroo journey. I am becoming more aware of my eating and my triggers.

Just a quick note of my pain product discovery…you just apply them across the area of the back that is in pain and the perfect amount of heat is applied, must be some kind of chemical reaction with the skin, but they are incredible for helping sooth sore backs. Note: don’t apply one to the top and one to the bottom of the back, as you’ll over heat. Just sayin’ I of course had to take it to the extreme and learn the hard way. But Right now I am sitting here with warmth on my lower back so I can actually get some relief.Works a lot better than copious amounts of sugary food.

deep heat patches 16hrs 2pk
deep heat patches 16hrs 2pk

Day 12

Managing my sugary cravings, and I think I have broken the habit, so no longer feel like rich, sweet foods. I’m eating a normal family meal in the evening, but pulling out the carbs out. For example, last night I ate spaghetti bolognese but avoided eating most of the carbs, and just ate the sauce which was laced with vegetables. I did the same thing the night before by just not eating the rice with a fish curry. I didn’t make a song and dance about it, I just didn’t eat that part of the meal. These slight modifications are helping and my weight is down to 78.1kg.

Day 13

OK folks, I am not going to pretend I didn’t completely fall off the wagon at Christmas parties and on Christmas day.

A death in the family has brought my daughter and my trip north to Northern Rivers a little bit closer. Instead of leaving on the 21st after my husband’s birthday, we are leaving on the 20th to head to Maclean NSW (about 7 hours drive). It’s fun because Charlie has her L’s so she is driving some one the time.

So you might ask, what has this to do with your diet. Well, I’ve been trying to go a million things before we leave, and squeezing in 5 days into 1, organising my medicine for up north (it needs to be kept cold), wrapping presents, writing a blog on wrapping (half way through it, showing how to wrap with simple and elegant elements).

I also had several parties, and did pace myself, limit of 2 drinks, and keeping the chocolate to a bare minimum.

Weight wise I am down to 78kg, so reasonable loss.

Day 14

This is a goal post – can I stick to my plan tomorrow?

Keep watching this space folks!

I will be posting each day on my progress and weight, as well as any thoughts, so bookmark this page for updates and progress.



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