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17 Stylish Ways To Update Your Home

Gallery Tara Classic Cyprum - source via Dornbracht

If updating your home seems like a daunting task, don’t worry. You really don’t need to make any huge changes or spend a massive amount of money to make your home look fantastic. If you leave your home the way it is for too long, it can begin to feel outdated. You won’t feel like you’re in a good place when spending time in your home! Use these 17 stylish ways to update your home to feel more at peace in your abode!

Tip 1: Change Your Hardware

Changing your hardware is one of the easiest things you can do to change the look of your home. You could include something retro, or something super modern.

Rosegold hardware - source:
Rosegold hardware – source:

Tip 2: Add A Work Of Art

Whatever your style when it comes to art, make sure you include something you love.

Tip 3: Include Plants And Flowers

Plants and flowers instantly liven up a space. They add colour and can even help to purify the air!

Add plants into your decor - source:
Add plants into your decor – source:

Tip 4: Add A Pop Of Colour

Adding a pop of colour can make your home look far more interesting, as well as make it a better place to spend time in.

Tip 5: Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall can be made by adding a strip of wallpaper to a plain wall, by painting a mural, or even by creating a collage with pictures that you love.

freshome feature wall - source:
freshome feature wall – source:

Tip 6: Add More Texture

You can never have too much texture. It makes your home look way more professionally put together and makes everything feel cozy.

Tip 7: Make Sure Your Lighting Is Just Right

Your lighting needs to be right depending on the room it’s in. All stylish kitchens need task lighting, as well as atmospheric lighting for entertaining. Consider how you use each room!

Tip 8: Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door can make returning home a joy, and can add a little more personality to your home exterior.

front door colours - source: House Beautiful
front door colours – source: House Beautifuldecor

Tip 9: Add Pattern

Why not add pattern? You can do this on a big scale with your wallpaper and curtains, or even just with your cushions.

Tip 10: Include A Bespoke Rug

Can’t find a rug that’s just right? Add a bespoke rug that you really love!

Tip 10: Create A Reading Nook

A reading nook looks good in just about any home.

Reading nook - source
Reading nook – source

Tip 11: Upcycle Your Old Furniture

Upcycling your old furniture will take a bit of time, but it’s a great way to create furniture that looks far more expensive than it really is!

Tip 12: Invest In Smart Appliances

Smart appliances will make your life at home easier as well as add to the decor.

Tip 13: Add A Pretty Stair Runner

No carpet on the stairs? Add a pretty stair runner!  

Tip 14: Add A Fireplace

A fireplace is always going to be a wonderful addition to a living room, or even a bedroom if you have the room!

Tip 15: Use Items In Unexpected Ways

Why not use a tree trunk with glass placed on top as your dining table? Use items in all kinds of unexpected ways.

Tip 16: Don’t Forget Your Garden

Your garden matters too. Make sure it suits your lifestyle. You can create a wonderful entertainment area by thinking of it the same way you would your actual living room.

Tip 17: Rearrange Your Furniture

It’s easy to rearrange your furniture. Make sure it’s pulled away from the wall. If you need inspiration, apps online can help you.

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